It's not really much of a secret, is it? You might as well admit it.


Diaper boy stories really get your pulse pounding, right? You think ABDL boys being forced to wear embarrassingly thick, crinkly diapers is just about the hottest thing in the world, don't you? You're looking for squirmy stories about guys in diapers that are sure to get your heart racing, yeah?


Your secret is safe with me, I won't tell anyone!


Welcome to StartAgain Manor, the internet home of CK Crinklekid's adults-only erotic fiction about hot ABDL boys of all kinds finding themselves in some seriously sexy situations!

Please keep in mind that the content of this website is for adults only -- you must be 18 years of age or older to enter!

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Volume One of the Diapered Adventures of Maxwell Covington


In this full-length novel, a furry named Max (a gay 19-year-old golden retriever), applies to a mysterious help wanted ad in an effort to break up the boredom of his first year of college. Little does he realize the unusual duties his new job entails. Will he back out? Or will he follow his heart (and his cock) and let handsome wolf Stephen lead him into a strange new life?

A diverse cast of characters teach Max the joys of embracing his secret fetishes for bondage, diapers, age play, chastity and more. Max meets furs of every species with their own kinks and fetishes, both cis and trans men, ABDL boys and guys with all kinds of other favorite kinks, characters of various ethnicity and more as he explores the strange, wonderful, kink-filled world of his new employer, StartAgain.

Plus, the beautiful print edition or Kindle e-book includes a bonus short story, Gishy's Big Day, set in the world of The New Job but featuring all-new characters! Red fox Gishy has spent three months working at StartAgain servicing the kink needs of others as part of the organization's Entertainment Division. But a secretive new mystery client turns out to be a dominant "Daddy" who pushes all Gishy's kink buttons simultaneously, leaving the poor humiliation-craving fox squirming for more and wondering how anyone could know his own desires and fetishes so completely.

Praise for 'THE NEW JOB':


"If you like gay, furry, OR kinky erotic stories, there’s something for you in here!"

Amazon Five-Star Reader Review


"CK has done a fantastic job of chronicling Max's entry to Start Again, building up a setting

you'll want a free hand for!"

Amazon Five-Star Reader Review

"This was so weird but at the same time so much fun. The story is not for everyone, but keep your

mind open and just try it."

Amazon Five-Star Reader Review

"This was an amazing, well-written story. I can't wait for part two!"

Amazon Five-Star Reader Review






In this follow up to 'The New Job', golden retriever Max Covington continues to explore the remarkable world of StartAgain Manor with the support of his handsome new boyfriend, Stephen, ABDL cheetah kitten Corey, gag-loving Seventeen, Connie the drag queen doberman, stern-but-kind Mr. Warren and the many other residents of the manor... along with some brand new friends he makes on his journey of self-exploration and sexual awakening.

And yet... as happy as Max is in his new life, a startling development threatens to bring everything crashing down around him. Has he found love, acceptance and friendship only to lose them so soon? Will he even be able to go back to a so-called normal life now, after experiencing the wonders of StartAgain Manor?

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C.K. CRINKLEKID is the pen name of a writer, sometime YouTuber and ABDL content creator active within the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover community since he first joined the internet. In his day job, he writes the most boring corporate content you'll ever read, but at night he prefers to turn his talents toward writing scathing-hot diaper boy stories of adult human and furry men, generally with a focus on diaper/ageplay content, ABDL boys, chastity, and BDSM themes.


C.K. lives in Central Florida with his husband, Bucky, and his dog-daughter, Domino. He sleeps in a crib at night, wears overgrown toddler clothes 90% of his waking hours, and has chosen to wear diapers 24/7 since October of 2016. Because it's fun. That's why.

If you'd like to reach out to CK, please use the Contact CK button in the site navigation menu, or email info@startagainmanor.com.


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