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It's not really much of a secret, is it? You might as well admit it.


Diaper boy stories really get your pulse pounding, right? You think ABDL boys being forced to wear embarrassingly thick, crinkly diapers is just about the hottest thing in the world, don't you? You're looking for squirmy stories about guys in diapers that are sure to get your heart racing, yeah?


Your secret is safe with me, I won't tell anyone!


Welcome to StartAgain Manor, the internet home of CK Crinklekid's adults-only erotic fiction about hot ABDL boys of all kinds finding themselves in some seriously sexy situations!

Please keep in mind that the content of this website is for adults only -- you must be 18 years of age or older to enter!

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In this full-length, 72,000+ word sequel to The New Job, we rejoin Max, a gay nineteen year-old golden retriever, plus friends Stephen, Corey, Seventeen, Connie, Mr. Warren, and many more diverse, kinky residents of StartAgain Manor, to pick up right where The New Job left off!

Maxwell Covington's life was turned upside down when, out of boredom and loneliness, he applied for a vague but intriguing job posting. The job he was offered turned out to be like nothing Max could've expected, and now he lives in mysterious mansion where the residents are free to explore their wildest fantasies and most secret fetishes with each other. Max, who had always struggled with feelings of shame toward his fetish for diapers and ageplay, bondage, chastity and more, is finally beginning to embrace who he is. And he's finally beginning to find real happiness and a sense of belonging.

Max's relationship with his new boyfriend, handsome wolf daddy Stephen, is thriving; his work on Mr. Warren's library restoration team is turning out to be his dream job; and in his off-hours he gets up to all sorts of diapered mischief with his 'baby bro' Corey and lots of other new friends. For Max, this newfound sense of acceptance and belonging is life-changing. Max's life has become something extraordinary, and things couldn't be going better for the canine...

...until it all begins to fall apart, when a coworker physically assaults Max and takes pictures of him dressed like a big toddler. The bully threatens to send the compromising photos to Max's conservative parents, unless he agrees to immediately give notice and quit his new job. But that would mean giving up his friends, giving up his home, and going back to his unhappy, empty life at Bay City University.

With his back to a corner and time running out, Max and friends scramble to find a solution that will free him from the bully's trap. Will he be forced to sacrifice everything? Or can Max save himself, before his relationship with his family is damaged irreparably?

Giving Notice includes a bonus short story, Jackson's Reward! Husky IT expert Jackson Young managed to prevent a DDoS attack from shutting down StartAgain Manor's computer network. In gratitude, the mysterious Master of the manor orders Jackson to report to the weight room for a reward. But, when the mansion's resident personal trainer, a sexy boar named Rex, begins restraining Jackson to one of the weight benches, the horny husky discovers that there's a lot more to his reward than he expected!

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Volume One of the Diapered Adventures of Maxwell Covington


In this full-length, 53,000 word novel, a furry named Max (a gay 19-year-old golden retriever), applies to a mysterious help wanted ad in an effort to break up the boredom of his first year of college. Little does he realize the unusual, sexually charged duties his new job entails. Will fear and self-doubt force Max to back out of this unexpected new life? Or will he follow his heart (and his cock) and let handsome wolf Stephen lead him into a strange new world?

A diverse cast of characters teach Max the joys of embracing his secret fetishes for bondage, diapers, ageplay, chastity and more. Max meets furs of every species with their own kinks and fetishes, both cis and trans men, characters of various ethnicities and more as he explores the strange, diverse, wonderful, kink-filled world of his new employer, StartAgain.

Max has spent his life denying who he is inside, and he was left lonely and isolated because of self-loathing and fear of others' judgment. Will his strange new job lead to a greater sense of self-acceptance, or will the bizarreness of his new life prove too much for the lonely, uncertain golden retriever?

Plus, The New Job
 includes a bonus short story, Gishy's Big Day, set in the world of StartAgain Manor but featuring all-new characters! Red fox Gishy has spent three months working at StartAgain servicing the kink needs of others as part of the organization's Entertainment Division. But a secretive new mystery client turns out to be a dominant "Daddy" who pushes all Gishy's kink buttons simultaneously, leaving the poor humiliation-craving fox squirming for more and wondering how anyone could know his own desires and fetishes so completely.

Praise for 'THE NEW JOB':


"If you like gay, furry, OR kinky erotic stories, there’s something for you in here!"

Amazon Five-Star Reader Review


"CK has done a fantastic job of chronicling Max's entry to Start Again, building up a setting

you'll want a free hand for!"

Amazon Five-Star Reader Review

"This was so weird but at the same time so much fun. The story is not for everyone, but keep your

mind open and just try it."

Amazon Five-Star Reader Review

"This was an amazing, well-written story. I can't wait for part two!"

Amazon Five-Star Reader Review


CK CRINKLEKID is the pen name of a writer, sometime YouTuber and ABDL content creator active within the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover community since he first joined the internet way back at the dawn of recorded history. In his day job, he writes the most boring corporate content you'll ever read, but at night he prefers to turn his talents toward writing scathing-hot diaper boy stories of adult human and furry men, generally with a focus on diaper/ageplay content, ABDL boys, chastity, and BDSM themes.


CK lives in Seattle, Washington (the crinklebutt capitol of the world!) He is originally from Florida but has lived all over the United States (and even in New Zealand for many years.)


CK owns a high chair and a crib he sleeps in every night. He's completely diaper-obsessed, having given up on big boy underwear and switched to diapers full time in October, 2016. He owns more big baby clothes than he does grown up clothes, and that's exactly how he likes it.

If you'd like to reach out to CK, please use the Contact CK button in the site navigation menu, or email

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