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You may be wondering why you're here, especially if you intended to visit instead. I've decided to take that website down, specifically because it was intended to be a hub for my Diaperkiddo YouTube channel.


Over the last year, I've grown increasingly frustrated with YouTube and its many policy changes that have negatively impacted LGBTQ+ and sex education channels, and as a result I am unlikely to be updating my channel with new videos in the near future. Since I have decided to focus on my writing instead, it only made sense to redirect people to this site. After all, the people who primarily watched my YouTube channel are likely to be the same people who would probably enjoy the particularly crinkly subjects I write about.

Additionally, for some reason my website was primarily being listed as an "ABDL shopping" website on Google's SEO rankings, and that was what was driving the traffic to my site. However, that wasn't the focus of my website and so people who were visiting the Diaperkiddo site were probably disappointed and not finding what they were looking for.

I apologize for any inconvenience. My hope is to make a dedicated sub-section of this site for any of the content I feel it would make sense to import from at some point in the future.

Why I took down

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