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Trip's Revenge, Chapter Four

Justin woke slowly and very groggily. His body felt wrong everywhere. Didn’t have that much to drink last night, did I? the wolf thought to himself slowly. Everything felt strange; his ass hurt, his arms were sore, his dick felt like it was stuffed into his sheath wrong, his balls felt like they were being squeezed, even his jaw hurt. ...the hell is going on?


Justin cracked one eye open, then the other. He was in a totally unfamiliar bedroom, and nobody seemed to be around. He moved to get up off the bed but discovered that he was unable to move; his arms and legs seemed to be tied down. “Aaaah uhhhhh…” he groaned through his gag. 


Someone is going to fucking die when I find out whose idea of a prank this is, the wolf thought to himself. Then he spotted his clothes lying in a heap in the corner. The fuck, they stripped me too, the perverts? Whoever had done this to him had at least had the courtesy to cover him up to his chest under a blanket. 


Justin sank back into the pillow, eyes drifting closed. His head felt full of rocks and was pounding with each heartbeat. If he had to guess, he’d say whoever had abducted him had drugged him to do it. Wonder how long I’ve been here, the wolf thought to himself. Dad’ll have the entire Fox Creek PD looking for me by now, I’m sure. With that reassuring thought in mind, the wolf dozed back off for a little while as the last of the tranquilizer worked its way out of his system. 


“Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey,” a voice spoke, disturbing his slumber. It took a moment, but Justin managed to force himself awake. He opened his eyes, but was entirely unprepared to see who was standing over him looking down at him. Trip Hutchison! What in the actual, goddamn fuck…?


“Mhhhhhhphhhhhh!!!” Justin shouted into his pacifier gag, thrashing against his restraints. He glared at Trip with hatred in his eyes.


“Hush now, silly, nobody can hear you,” Trip said to him, smiling. “You’re probably wondering what you’re doing all tied up in my bed, aren’t you?”


“Ahhhhhhhh!!” the wolf moaned, agreeing. This had better be one damn good explanation, Drip, he thought.


“Well, you see, I found you staggering home from Milo’s house last night in such a state, and I offered you a ride home. We came back here, one thing led to another, and you begged me to tie you to my bed frame and suck your cock. Was it good for you?” The corgi grinned down at Justin innocently.


“Mphhhhh! Mmmm-mmmmphhhhh!” Justin shouted angrily.


Trip sat down in the desk chair next to the bed. “Not buying that one, are you? Well, okay, the truth is, I arranged for this special time together so you and I could have a little chat about how you ruined my life, and what you’re going to do to make it up to me.” Trip leaned forward. He was surprised to see a strange look flash through Justin’s eyes briefly. Had that been… guilt? Trip continued speaking to his captive.


“Do you remember all those years ago when you told Luke Merriweather that I still wet the bed and had to wear diapers at night? And he told everyone, and suddenly the entire fucking town made it their mission to make me miserable for the rest of my life? Yeah, this is about that. I figured the time was right for me to get revenge on your sorry ass, Justin. You’ve had it too good for too long, while I’ve been left to deal with a neverending hell of bullying. You used to be my best friend, Justin. I trusted you with everything, and you betrayed that trust. And it ruined me. So I’m going to do the same to you. Oh, but let me show you what I mean.”


Trip reached over and pulled down the blanket covering Justin, revealing his unusual state of dress. Justin looked down and saw himself wearing the most babyish-looking, oversized diaper he’d ever seen in his life. “Angggghhhh!!” came his muffled shout as he realized what he was wearing.


“That’s right buddy, you look like a big ol’ puppy. So cute in your little diapees.” Trip patted the front of the diaper condescendingly, causing it to make a shockingly loud crinkle sound. However, the patting revealed that something was wrong with Justin’s sheath. He looked at Trip and arched an eyebrow.


Trip smiled at Justin. “Oh, that? That’s a chastity cage, your bits are all locked up under my control now. Just another way to ensure that you stay calm and behave yourself while I explain what’s happening. There’s a plug in your ass, too, though I’m sure you’ve noticed that by now. I want the big baby to behave and not have a tantrum just yet so we can have a big boy talk.”


Justin growled a menacing growl, but there really wasn’t anything he could do about his situation right now. Though the moment he was freed, he resolved himself to separate Trip’s jugular vein from the rest of his body.


Trip smiled again. “Good pup. So let me explain what has happened, and then I’ll untie you after we have established a few rules. While you were out, I took some extremely cute and terribly compromising pictures of you, which I have uploaded to my cloud for safety. I staged them to make it look like you just loooooove dressing up like a big baby, like you’ve been doing it for years. I even put a bunch of boxes of diapers in the background so it looks like you’ve built up quite a stash of baby diapers for yourself. I’ve set those pictures to be emailed to literally everyone at Fox Creek High, but as long as I check in with them once a week I can delay that from happening. So it’s in your best interest to not get any ideas into your head about jumping me.”


The corgi chuckled to himself. “I’ve been planning this for a long, long time, bud. And now I hold all the cards. So you are going to listen to me very carefully while I explain what’s going to happen next. Nod if you understand what I’m saying to you.”


Justin forced himself to nod. He was enraged, but he fought to calm himself. If what Trip was saying was true, there wasn’t a way out for him right now. Better to let the corgi talk and get more information so he could strike when the time was right.


“Good. Now, I’m going to take your pacifier gag out now. We are the only ones here, so screaming will do you no good at all. It will, however, righteously piss me off. And you really… really don’t want that. Now lift your head so I can get to the buckle.”


Trip stood next to the bed, and Justin obediently lifted his head so the corgi could remove the straps keeping the giant pacifier lodged into his mouth. Once free of the gag, Justin began working his sore jaw. “Trip, you really fucked up messing with me, dude.”


Trip giggled. “Justin, it’s impossible to sound menacing when you’re wearing an enormous baby diaper. Don’t even try. Just shut up and listen. I had honestly planned on just sending the pictures around and completely ruining you, letting you finally deal with the consequences of what you did, but before I do that I want you to explain to me what happened. Why did you tell Luke about my bedwetting? You owe me that. You used to be my best friend, I believed in you. Why?”


Justin sighed. “It’s… complicated, Trip.”


Trip scooted closer to the bed. “Well, we’ve got all the time in the world, so you had better start talking. Convince me why I shouldn’t totally destroy your life?”


Justin stared at the ceiling. He’d never wanted to go down this particular road again, but now he was being forced. “Luke was staying at my house for the night, we were in my room playing video games. He… found one of your diapers. One that I’d nicked from your house. I was curious what they felt like and I had taken one of yours home to try, but then I forgot about it and Luke found it under my bed. I panicked, I didn’t know what to say, so I told him about you so he wouldn’t think I was the bedwetter. It was shitty of me, and I’ve felt awful about it ever since.”


Trip stared at Justin, incredulous. “You ruined my life, you asshole. The kids never stopped teasing me. Fuck, to this day I still get called Drip. DRIP. Because of you. Why didn’t you do anything to stop them?”


A tear of shame rolled down Justin’s cheek. “I tried to, Trip. I tried to get them to leave you alone, but I was scared too. I’m sorry, man. I really am. What I did to you was awful, and it’s been eating away at me for years. I just felt like such a piece of shit.”


“Bullshit,” Trip said, wiping tears out of his eyes. “Bullshit! You’re just saying what you have to to get on my good side. You’ve never felt a fucking thing.”


“Really?” Justin sighed. “Look under the fur right over my heart. Go on.” He nodded his head towards his chest, then looked Trip in the eye. 


“Why?” Trip asked cautiously. 


“Just do it, Trip,” Justin replied. “Right above my heart. Look under the fur.”


Trip stood and pressed a paw to Justin’s chest. He ran his fingers against the fur slowly, just above the center-left of Justin’s chest. His eyes grew wide. Beneath the fur, Justin had a small tattoo in the shape of a heart, with Trip’s name tattooed in small letters inside it. “Why? What is this, Justin?”


Justin sighed deeply. “I got that a couple years ago. As a reminder to treat others better than I treated you. I was in love with you when we were kids. I don’t think I ever stopped being in love with you. But I knew that my cowardice had hurt you in a way I could never fix. So this was part punishment, and part reminder.”


Trip sank down into his desk chair in shock. This… had not gone at all how he had expected it to. This new revelation was completely unexpected. 


“So what now?” Justin asked him. “Whatever you want to do, you got it. I wronged you hard. There’s really just no words that can say how sorry I am. I really am a piece of shit for never having made things right. I can’t make it up to you. But… whatever you decide to do, I won’t fight you on it. If humiliating me makes you feel better, I’ll roll with it. You want to send out those pictures to everyone, I’ll admit it’s all true, back up your story a hundred percent. I just… don’t want to live with this guilt anymore. So you tell me what you want, and I’ll do it.”


Trip’s head was spinning. Suddenly, getting revenge didn’t seem nearly as fun as it had been a few minutes ago. “Let me think,” he said sharply. 


Justin stared at Trip’s ceiling, emotionally spent. He’d been holding onto that apology for too many years, always convinced that the words would be hollow and meaningless, always talking himself out of offering them to Trip. “Can you at least untie me? I’m not going to do anything or go anywhere, I promise. I’m at your mercy.”


Trip sighed and began unbuckling Justin’s restraints. Suddenly, the revenge he’d been so eagerly anticipating tasted bitter in his mouth. He’d had no idea Justin had once been in love with him, though it certainly explained a few things he’d often wondered about. The fact that Justin had confessed to wronging Trip in such a genuine way served to humanize Justin in a way Trip hadn’t anticipated. Trip had spent so many years casting Justin as the villain of his story that he hadn’t considered that Justin might have grown as a person over that period, and now he was forced to decide how to handle this new information. Trip’s brain was whirring.


Once freed from the restraints, Justin laid back down on Trip’s bed, on his side this time. He watched Trip pace back and forth with sad eyes. Occasionally he would glance down at the thick diaper he was wearing, but he moved little and said less.


At last Trip spoke. “Well, you ruined my plans,” he said. “I was going to make you record a confession on camera about how you spread rumors about me bedwetting, then I was going to send that along with the photos to everyone we know. Except now… no, I guess I’m not doing that now.”


“Then tell me what I can do to make it up to you,” said Justin. “I’ll do anything.”


“How serious are you about that?” Trip asked cautiously. 


“Extremely. I’ll do anything you say. I just want to make things right between us.”


“So if, say, I ordered you to replace all your underwear with these diapers from now on, you’d do it?” Trip licked his lips hesitantly.


“If that would make you feel better, yes. I’d do it. I’d keep wearing the chastity cage. I’d become your willing sex slave, give you total control over me. I just want to make it right.” Justin nodded slowly, sincerity in his eyes.


“Huh. You’d do that? Submit to me?” Trip could feel his cock begin stirring under his jeans.


“Yeah. It’s… kind of a thing for me. I like being told what to do by guys who are smaller than me. Don’t ask me why,” Justin said.


Trip looked Justin over. The wolf was extremely handsome, and extremely fit. And having the wolf’s cock locked up and only able to be freed at Trip’s whim was an appealing idea. Trip had long fantasized about finding a cute sub of his own. And he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t had a strong crush of his own on Justin back in the day. “Fine,” he said. “Then from this point forward, you can call me ‘sir’. We’ll see where this goes, and in the meantime I won’t do anything with the pictures I took. We’ll just keep those as… leverage. If you are obedient and do as I tell you to, then I see no reason why those pictures should ever see the light of day. But this is your one chance, Justin Warren. If you fuck this up, I swear to god I will send those pictures to everyone you’ve ever met. Do you understand me?”


“Yes sir,” Justin replied. “I won’t fuck this up, sir. I’ve wanted a way to make things right with you for years, Trip. Er, I mean, sir. I will endure whatever you ask of me, and I’ll prove myself to you, sir.”


“Then, uh… get down here and lick my feet,” Trip said, uncertain.


The black wolf immediately got off the bed and dropped to his hands and knees, diapered ass sticking up comically. He quickly and obediently began licking at the corgi’s toes, moaning a little as he did so. 


Trip blinked. “You really are into this stuff, huh?”


Justin stopped licking. “Yes sir, since I first turned a teenager I’ve jerked off imagining guys ordering me around, putting me in bondage, that sort of thing. I even used to tie myself up before bed at night, though it was never as good as the real thing.”


Trip adjusted his rapidly hardening cock. “Have you ever done that kind of thing with another guy before?”


“No sir,” came Justin’s response. “I’ve always wanted to, but I’ve… uh, never actually been with a guy sir. Or anyone for that matter. I’m a virgin, sir.”


“Wait, fucking really Justin?” Trip was shocked. If anyone in the history of the world ever exuded Big Dick Energy, it was Justin Warren. This new confession was too much. 


“Really, Tri-- er, sir. Never. I didn’t want any of the girls, and my dad would’ve laid a fucking egg if I’d ever gotten with any of the boys. So I’m still a virgin, sir. I’m sorry if that displeases you. I’ve watched a lot of porn on the subject, though. I think I can be a very good sub, sir. I promise I’ll try, anyway. And if I displease you, you’ve always got those pictures to ruin my life with, sir.”


Trip turned and sat on the edge of his bed, patting the bed next to him for Justin to sit. “I didn’t know that about you. I just assumed you’d had half the ass in Fox Creek High, of both genders. I… made a lot of incorrect assumptions about you over the years, and I owe you an apology too.”


Justin shook his head. “You don’t owe me an apology, Trip. I’m the one who fucked you over.”


Trip turned to look Justin straight in the eyes. “You were in fifth grade. We both were. We were kids. And I spent so many years hating you that it never once occurred to me that you wouldn’t still be the same fifth grader now that you were then. So yeah, I owe you an apology too. Doesn’t mean I won’t still take my revenge out of your ass, though I think at this point we’re probably both going to enjoy that part. So I think I want to do this a bit differently. Instead of forcing you to do something you don’t want to do, I’m going to offer you a choice.”


“Trip?” Justin asked, one eyebrow arched as he looked down at the corgi.


“You can take that diaper off, and I’ll let you out of the chastity cage, and you can take that plug out. And I’ll let you get dressed and go home. And when you get home, the only copies of those pictures I took will be waiting in your inbox. And we’ll never have to speak of any of this again. Or there’s the other option.” Trip smiled up at Justin hopefully.


“What’s the other option?” Justin asked with trepidation. 


“The other option is, you stay in that diaper, your dick stays locked up for at least the next three days or so with absolutely zero chance of cumming during that time, you spend the night here and spend most of that time tied to my bed sucking me off, and tomorrow we will discuss how you can earn back those pictures one at a time with good behavior, pup. That’s the other option.” As Trip spoke, he couldn’t help but be pleased to see that Justin was casually trying to rub his locked up cock through his diaper. “Your choice, pup.”


Justin swallowed once, hard. “In that case, I’ve chosen. Sir.” He dropped to his knees, kneeling before Trip and looking up at the corgi hopefully. Trip smiled down at his new pup, immediately unbuckling his jeans so he could feed his pup his rock-hard cock. Justin licked his chops hungrily and buried Trip’s bone in his muzzle with gusto.


And that is the story of how Trip Hutchison finally got revenge on Justin Warren. It didn’t work out at all like Trip had expected it to, but both boys ended up very happy with the final result.

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