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Trip's Revenge, Chapter Two

Trip carefully parked his shiny blue car in the driveway and pressed the button on his keyfob to lock the car and set its alarm. The car replied with a happy toot, a fact that never failed to bring a smile to the young corgi’s face. It had been two weeks since his big eighteenth birthday, and he still couldn’t believe Nana had bought him this car. He loved it with all his heart and he swore to take impossibly good care of it.

As he walked to the front door of his home he fumbled with his phone, tapping the screen a few times and causing the front door to unlock. Smart homes are so fucking awesome, he thought as he entered, bringing the door closed behind himself.

“Nana, you home?” he called out, expecting no reply as he kicked his shoes off at the door. When no answer came, Trip knew that his grandmother was off spending the evening with her best friend Brenda again. Nana Sanders was very socially active, and she spent more time away from home than even Trip did. Nana was and had always been a real fireball, and Trip had learned growing up with her that there was very little in the world capable of slowing her down.

Trip passed through the foyer and turned right in the main hall. He passed the door leading to his dad’s old office wordlessly, then passed the great columned entrance to the dining room before emerging in the back of the kitchen. The home was relatively dark, since he hadn’t thought to turn on the lights through the smart home app while he’d had it open.

“Ziggy, turn on the lights,” he called out into the darkness. Somewhere, a smart speaker gave a satisfying plink! as lights began turning themselves on throughout the home. The overhead lights in the kitchen came on, forcing the young dog to blink for a moment to readjust his eyes. He slid his backpack down on the marble countertop and turned to the refrigerator.

After a moment of fishing around, he emerged with a bottle of soda, a half empty pack of bologna, and two bananas. Should hold me until dinner, he thought with a slight wag. He carried his small snack haul into the living room and plopped down on the overstuffed black sofa with a grunt and a fair bit of creaking from the leather.

Trip turned the TV on and began idly scrolling through PawTube to see if any of his favorite channels had put up any new videos since yesterday. Not having any luck, Trip gave up and pulled up For Another Biscuit’s most recent music video to have something to listen to while he munched.

After a few minutes of quiet snacking, Trip turned the TV off and cleaned up after himself, then began ambling towards his bedroom. He and Nana had rooms on opposite ends of the sprawling house from each other, far too much space for just two people. However, when his parents were still alive they had designed the house together with the intent of having a large family with lots of pups. Unfortunately they had died in a car accident not long after Trip had been born, so he and Nana shared a huge house with nine bedrooms between just the two of them. Most of the rooms had been repurposed over the years, which was why Nana had a sewing room and a completely separate knitting room.

Trip’s bedroom was further evidence of the unusual configuration of the home. It was actually two rooms side-by-side, separated by a foldaway divider wall that Trip left open all the time to create a single great bedroom. Even stranger was the closet, a large walk-in affair that opened to both halves of the bedroom through separate doors at either end. The whole arrangement had been designed to house lots of pups and their clothing as two individual bedrooms with a shared adjoining closet. However, since it had just been Trip he had always treated it as a single space, though he’d taken much delight as a young puppy to run through the closet and out the other side, around and around in endless circles.

Trip sat his backpack down on his bed and began undressing, removing his purple hoodie and hanging it before peeling off his t-shirt and tossing it into the hamper. He slid his sweatpants down, carefully sliding his tail back out through the hole before stepping out of them completely. He then added his sweats to the growing mound in the hamper. Gonna need to do laundry tonight or tomorrow at the latest, he thought to himself as he worked to free himself from his black boxer briefs in the same manner.

Once he was fully naked, Trip couldn’t help but check himself out in his dresser mirror. He’d always been and still was a bit short, even by corgi standards, but his body had filled out pretty well in recent years. As such, while he couldn’t call himself beefy, he definitely had a good tone and definition. His orange fur began at the very tips of his ears and ran down his back and sides in very fluid lines, while the white fur began at that little spot right between his eyes and ran down his muzzle, neck, and most of his chest before ending in a fluffy V-shape just above his sheath. From his sheath down past his balls to his inner thighs his fur was a lighter creamsicle orange before blending in with the darker tones near his ankles.

The entire effect was striking, and Trip considered himself pretty good looking for a corgi. Who knows, if not for the curse of being forever known as Drip the Diaper Dog, Trip might’ve even caught some interest from some of the gay boys at school by now.  He twisted and turned in the mirror for a few more moments, then gave himself a wag of approval before moving on to his closet to retrieve some pajamas. It was early yet, but he wasn’t going anywhere this evening so he figured he might as well get comfortable now.

Trip opened the door to his closet and entered, flicking on the light. The closet was truthfully large enough to be a proper bedroom of its own, and much of it was empty of clothes. Trip used one end as storage for boxes of his old toys, mementos and other keepsakes, although these days he was also using it for storage of toys of a very different kind.

At the rear of the closet, stacked floor-to-ceiling, were rows of brightly colored boxes marked “Crinklewagz: Big Thirsty Diapers For Big Soggy Puppies — Size: Canine Lg Xtra Thick — 1 Case”. Each case of these diapers contained four bags with sixteen diapers in each bag, or sixty-four diapers to a case. Trip had purchased sixteen cases, for a total count of over one thousand diapers.

The young corgi subconsciously wagged and licked his chops as he walked over to his incredible stash. He’d opened only one box, and only one bag from that box. He’d wanted to see what the diapers looked like, and oh god, they were so perfect. Trip began to harden a little just thinking about it. They were a blue so pale they were almost white, and they had the most comically babyish print covering the surface of the diaper, with lots of little pastel interlocking paw prints. Even more amusingly, all of the pink paws would fade when wet. The words “CRINKLEWAGZ BABY PUP” were printed in much brighter blue across both the front tape panel as well as the seat of the diaper in charming bubble-letter font. These diapers were extremely thick to the point of parody, and the plastic shell was very loud and crinkly. The overall effect was garish, extremely babyish and silly looking, and left no doubt that these weren’t medical devices but rather full on kink gear. In short, they were exactly what Trip had been after.

The corgi stared at the unfolded diaper lying where he’d left it, fondling his growing red rocket idly as his eyes traced its curves. For the briefest of moments, Trip considered trying on the brightly colored garment for the full effect, and he even reached out with his free paw to run his fingers along the smooth plastic. But the diaper would’ve been much too large for him anyway, as he’d purchased these with a much larger wolf in mind.

Fuck that’s so hot, Trip thought to himself as he teased his erection. Big old wolfie, all wrapped up in his big, loud, puffy baby diaper that the mean corgi is gonna force him to wear for the whole world to see. Justin is going to fucking hate this, and it is going to feel so FUCKING good.

Trip’s eyes briefly cut to a different nearby box, this one open and containing lots of bondage gear and accessories including a metal chastity sheath, several anal toys, a pacifier muzzle and other implements designed to restran, control and humiliate. The thought of making his nemesis use each of these degrading devices on video for all his friends to see sent a shiver down Trip’s back and sent a drop of precum rolling down his shaft and fingers.

Asshole, I’m going to make him wish he’d never betrayed me like that, Trip thought with a shudder as he began pawing himself in earnest. I’m going to ruin him, like he ruined me ...ahhhh… and he’s going to beg me, BEG me to destroy the evidence. He’s going to feel fear for the first time in his stupid life ...mmmmh… and then I’m going to show everyone what he’s been doing in secret for obviously years now because look how many d-diapers he has, and look at all the baby clothes and the toddler toys and ...uhhh… and laugh at the s-s-stupid wolf in his big crinkly d-d-diapersohOHMYGODYESUHHHHH….

Trip arched his back and howled loudly as strand after strand of hot cum fired from the bright red tip of his cock. His paw continued jerking rapidly as the young corgi let fly a full load of his semen. It sprayed all over his chest in ropy strings, and the closet instantly smelled powerfully of it. At last the moment drew to a close, leaving the corgi breathless yet deeply satisfied.

Trip smiled weakly to himself as he stood coated in his own mess. He was definitely going to have to work hard tonight to get his closet cleaned up and back in normal order, but shower first. Damn, he thought with a smirk, if this is what just thinking about my plan does to me, I can’t wait until this Friday when I actually get to do it. Stupid Justin Warren has no idea what’s coming for him. Trip grinned a blissful, sinister smile at the thought.

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