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“See to it that you get me that account information so I can pair it with the authorization you just signed,” Laguna said to the golden retriever sitting in his office. The well-dressed badger stood up from behind his desk, and his canine visitor named Max did the same. The retriever was dressed like a giant, oversized toddler, and in any other setting the scene would look comically out of place. Laguna was the Director of Finance at StartAgain, and on the list of strange things that had taken place in his office, an oversized toddler didn’t even rate. 


The handsome cream white badger with a striking rose-pink mask instinctively pushed his spectacles further up his nose, out of habit more than necessity. He walked over and opened the door to his office for Max. “That way we can make sure you get your bonus, alright?” he said, speaking as if he were truly addressing a toddler rather than a fully grown nineteen-year-old dog dressing like one.


The golden retriever nodded bashfully. “I will sir, thank you,” Max said, holding out a paw awkwardly.


Laguna shook it. “Welcome to StartAgain,” he said, a twinkle in his eye. New employees always seemed so nervous around him; perhaps it was his well-earned reputation around the mansion as a strict, controlling dominant. Or maybe it was his unusual, eye-catching colors.


“Now don’t dally,” Laguna told the canine, a slightly patronizing tone creeping into his voice. “I’m sure James is eager for you to return and get started. The library is, frankly, a nightmare. I’m sure he’ll greatly appreciate your help.” He gave the teenage canine a gentle nudge and sent him on his way.


Max wagged and departed, and Laguna closed his office door. He looked down at the foot of his desk, a slight smile creeping across his face. A lithe otter in his mid twenties, naked but for a riveted-on, permanent chastity cage, was chained to the desk by a metal leash attached to the otter’s heavy iron collar, dozing peacefully in a ball on the floor. Laguna smiled at his sleeping pet, then knelt and began running his fingers through the otter’s thick tummy fur. “Lucky,” he said quietly. “Time to wake up, pup.”


The otter stirred and, after a moment of enjoying his master’s touch, his eyes slowly opened. “Mmmm,” the otter yawned contentedly. He looked at his nearby water dish and whined. Laguna nodded approval and stood, and Lucky crawled on his knees to his brushed metal water bowl with his name neatly printed on it in bright red letters, lapping thirstily from the bowl on the floor.


A pleasant, pinging alarm began sounding from the pocket of Laguna’s tailored coal gray suit jacket. The badger reached into his pocket to pull out his phone. Already? he thought. This morning has absolutely flown by. He silenced the alarm and returned his phone to his pocket, then looked curiously at the door of his office’s coat closet.


“Kitten, are you awake?” the badger called to it. A muffled groan from behind the door answered his call. The badger smiled a slow, ominous smile. “Shall we see how well you’ve been learning?” Laguna asked, chuckling. He opened the folding door slowly, revealing the source of the groan.


A thoroughly uncomfortable-looking white tiger was standing in place in the closet, securely bound by a steel contraption of rods and cuffs that was bolted to the floor. It held the tiger in place at several points across the big cat’s body, clasping the feline at his neck, biceps, wrists, chest, waist, thighs, calves and ankles. The tiger was pinned into a slightly squatting pose, arms raised and held out to his sides. Each cuff was locked closed with heavy, intimidating padlocks, leaving the cat with virtually no ability to make more than slight adjustments to his posture. Even the tiger’s tail was locked in place.


The miserable tiger was fit but with a bit of pudge, especially around his belly, hinting at a developing dad bod. His crisp white fur was broken up by short black stripes all over his body, including a pair of unique black rings around his eyes that had short, teardrop-like lines that caressed his cheeks. Those cheeks were currently puffed out comically by the thick cock gag strapped around the tiger’s head, muffling any sounds he attempted to make into faint whimpers. The tiger, in his early thirties at the oldest, gazed up at Laguna pitifully.


Even stranger than the unusual bondage which trapped the white tiger was his apparel. He had been sealed into a milky-white latex suit, tight enough to accentuate the tiger’s muscles and transparent enough to dramatically expose the restrictive, fully encasing metal chastity cage he was wearing beneath the suit. The cage bore no sign of a lock, for it had been riveted closed months earlier, permanently encasing the tiger’s sheath and ensuring that he would never again experience a full erection, for as long as his master chose to keep him locked. From the tip of narrow piss slit at the end of the chastity cage’s short, shiny enclosed metal tube, a thin piece of clear plastic tubing exited the latex and began snaking its way along the surface of the suit in loops and whirls, deliberately placed to be aesthetically pleasing as it traced the curves of the tiger’s body. 


The tubing kept twisting and wrapping in on itself until it reached the tiger’s clavicle, then it ran along its wearer’s jawline before disappearing into the end of the gag the tiger was wearing. Laguna smiled and pressed a finger against the tube at the point where it exited the suit at the tip of the tiger’s locked sheath, then the badger slowly dragged his finger across its length, tracing its loops while the tiger moaned and grunted in desperation.


Most of the tubing was filled with the tiger’s own piss, but the amber liquid ran out near his left shoulder and the remainder of the tube was empty. Laguna’s finger traced until it came to this spot, then stopped. The bound feline looked at Laguna with pleading eyes and moaned into the gag. “So close, kitten,” Laguna said, stroking the tiger’s cheek. “But not quite there. I told you that you’d have three hours to drink your own piss if you wanted to avoid further punishment. Three hours is a long time, especially with all the coffee I let you have when I woke you up this morning. I’m disappointed, Zippo.”


The distraught tiger, Zippo, sighed and huffed into his gag, a long strand of drool dribbling down from his chin and landing on his caged latex bulge, hanging in the air for a moment before finally snapping. “I know, pet,” Laguna said soothingly. “You tried your best. That’s why I’m going to give you one more opportunity to please me,” the badger said with a gentle smile. He reached into his chest pocket and pulled out a shiny brass key. He held it up to show Zippo for a moment, then he began unlocking the padlocks that held the feline to the metal contraption, one by one.


As Zippo’s body began to be freed of its bondage, the tiger let his sore, tired limbs dangle. When he was at last completely released from the cruel posing stand, Laguna ruffled the tiger’s headfur playfully and helped him sit in one of the chairs at the badger’s desk. Lucky, the otter, silently crawled over and sat on the floor next to Zippo, wordlessly reassuring the big cat.


“There. Rest for a bit, kitten,” Laguna said soothingly as the white tiger slumped into the chair. The badger stepped behind his desk and typed into his computer for a moment, setting his email to send an out-of-office reply. Once that task was done, he approached his pets. “Lets give your jaw a rest,” he told Zippo. The badger closed a valve on each end of the drainage tube to keep it from spilling over and removed the end from the tiger’s gag, then unlocked the strap and removed the thick, surprisingly long gag entirely.


The tiger looked up at Laguna, forlorn. “Kitten is sorry he failed, Master,” he said, his voice raspy.


“A failure is only truly a failure if you learn nothing from the experience,” the badger replied. “And now I’m going to give you another opportunity to learn,” the badger said ominously.


“Yes Master, thank you,” the tiger replied, a grateful smile on his muzzle. 


Laguna clipped a short metal leash to the steel collar permanently riveted around the tiger’s neck, then he detached Lucky’s leash from his desk and clipped both lengths of chain to a single leather lead. He helped Zippo stand, the tiger’s legs trembling a little before he steadied himself. “Up, Lucky”, Laguna said playfully, and the otter stood, smiling affectionately at his master.


Laguna turned off his desk light and led the pair out of his office and into the main room of StartAgain’s Office of Finance, closing and locking the door behind him. The room was divided into low cubicles, and the seven employees currently seated at their desks looked up at the trio. All of Laguna’s employees were locked in chastity, though unlike Zippo and Lucky, these fortunate employees were allowed to unlock at the end of their shifts.


“I’m taking the remainder of the day off,” Laguna announced to his staff. “Zippo needs to be taken to the Medical wing for further correction, and I’m not to be disturbed unless there is an emergency.” Laguna turned to a gull sitting nearby. “Jackson, you’re in charge while I’m gone, please make sure that everyone stays on task.”


“Yes sir, Mr. Crale,” the gull replied. The bird’s eyes flicked toward Zippo and the strange latex piss-suit he was wearing, but everyone in the department knew better than to question the boss, who they universally regarded as excellent to work for... so long as they didn’t do something dumb or irresponsible to make him angry. The tiger squirmed with embarrassment.


Laguna smiled at his employees and led his pets to the exit. The trio stepped out into the hall and began making their way to the mansion’s immense, opulent lobby. They passed a few members of the laundry team who were busy wheeling a cart full of rolled towels down the hall.  As soon as they saw Laguna and his pets approach, they stood aside respectfully so the trio could pass unobstructed. Zippo’s cheeks began turning a rosy pink color even through his fur, as the employees noticed his latex suit and the piss-filled tubing with raised eyebrows.


At the end of the hall, Laguna and his entourage stepped through a pair of double doors and into the lobby of the immense mansion. An incredibly muscular stallion dressed only in a gold-linked chain harness was passing through the lobby. He glanced at Laguna and his pets and approached.


“Hallo, Laguna,” the  stallion said congenially. “Where are you off to with your pets this fine morning?” the piebald black and white equine asked, eyeing Zippo’s suit with a raised eyebrow.


“Oh, good morning Corbin,” Laguna replied. “Zippo, would you like to tell Mr. Davies where we’re going? And why?” He turned to the tiger expectantly.


Zippo cast his eyes down, unable to meet the horse’s gaze. “We’re going to the Medical wing, Mr. Davies,” he replied in a quiet voice. “Because kitten didn’t enter last week’s requisition receipt summary fast enough, sir,” he said.


Laguna raised an eyebrow appraisingly. “And what else, kitten?” he asked.


“A-nd because kitten was already offered the chance to correct his behavior by filling his piss-suit enough, but he wasn’t able to do it in the Master’s expected timeframe, Mr. Davies,” the tiger said, squirming. As much as he was clearly uncomfortable, he was also obviously enjoying his humiliation... if his chastity cage’s twitching attempts to shift itself within the confines of the latex suit were an indicator.


Corbin laughed. “Aye, very good then,” the stallion said, amused. “As you were. Oh, Laguna, when ye can spare a moment, I’d like to discuss some questions I had about next month’s budget for the kitchen.”


The handsome badger nodded. “Whenever you’re free,” he said. “Have a good morning, Corbin,” Laguna said, smiling.


“And you, Laguna,” the stallion said. “Try to be good pets for your Master, boys,” he said, smiling at Zippo and Lucky before departing.


Laguna and the bound pair resumed their journey toward the Medical wing of the mansion, not far from the lobby. They passed a few other furs on the way, and each stopped and stared at Zippo’s predicament, causing the tiger to squirm and blush each time.


At last they arrived at a pair of double doors, above which a red-and-white sign read “MEDICAL SERVICES”. Laguna led Zippo and Lucky inside and into an empty waiting area. A young lion in medical scrubs greeted them at a small reception desk.


“Good morning, Mr. Crale,” the lion said pleasantly. “Are you needing to speak with the doctor, or are you here to use the medical theater again, sir?” The lion eyed Zippo, smirking as he looked the tiger up and down.


“Medical theater,” Laguna replied, smiling at the lion.


The lion nodded and checked a log book. “Looks like it’s open until late afternoon,” he said. “Feel free to make your way back, sir.” The receptionist flashed Zippo a knowing smile and a wink. Zippo swallowed hard.


Laguna and his pets turned right and went through a single swinging door, then down a short hallway that ended at a heavy-looking security door. Laguna opened it and ushered Zippo and Lucky inside.


The room they entered was a starkly white, well-lit padded cell. Two of the small room’s walls were lined with shelves containing an assortment of medical devices like speculums, enema bags, various restraints, stacks of white plastic-backed adult disposable diapers and diaper inserts, scrubs, stethoscopes and countless other medical miscellany, as well as an array of dildos, plugs, gags, and other BDSM gear. A third wall was thickly padded in a plush, white fabric and covered in a number of various cloth loops, rounded metal hooks, and other attachment points where the room’s patients could be secured.


Most interesting was the fourth wall, a floor-to-ceiling plexiglass window that opened to the mansion’s interior courtyard. Several anthros were out in the courtyard, either lounging in the sun or tending to the potted plants that lined the courtyard. From their position, they would easily be able to see everything that took place in the medical theater.


Laguna approached the windowed wall and pressed a button, converting it into a one-way mirror. People in the courtyard would still be able to see in, but the room’s occupants would only see their own reflections. Zippo whimpered as the electronic mirror faded into place.


Laguna detached Lucky’s leash from the lead in his hand and clipped the chain to an attachment ring on the wall. Lucky sat on the thickly carpeted floor and drew his knees up to his chin, his back pressed against the padded wall and his legs slightly spread so that his permanent chastity cage was free to dangle. The silent otter looked immensely pleased and comfortable.


Laguna tugged on Zippo’s leash, guiding him closer to the mirror and centering the embarrassed white tiger within its frame so that he would be more visible to the observers in the courtyard, then Laguna pressed a second button on the wall, activating the room’s audio system. “Good morning, employees of StartAgain. Tell everyone why you’re being punished, kitten,” the badger said sternly as he unclipped the leash from Zippo’s permanently riveted collar, knowing that his voice was being broadcast to the courtyard.


The tiger sighed and squirmed. “Kitten is being punished because he didn’t complete a work project on time, and because he didn’t piss in his suit enough to reach his mouth fast enough. Master told him that if he was able to drink his own piss within three hours, he would be let out. But kitten failed,” the tiger said loudly. He couldn’t tell who was observing his confession through the mirror, but past experience assured him that an audience must be beginning to gather. The more voyeuristic residents of the mansion in particular enjoyed it when the medical theater was put to use. The tiger’s chastity cage was twitching with each of Zippo’s heartbeats as his cock desperately but futilely tried to harden within its metal prison.


“And what have I told you about failure?” the badger asked. His own cock was beginning to stir within his dress trousers as he forced his pet to debase himself. Power and control were the badger’s preferred aphrodisiacs.


“That failure isn’t failure as long as kitten learns something, Master,” Zippo replied.


Laguna nodded, pleased, and removed his expensive suit jacket, hanging it carefully to avoid wrinkles. Laguna’s shirt remained, held on by the silk tie mag-locked around the badger’s neck due to the mansion’s rules that all residents must be kept in some form of bondage at all times. Laguna briefly considered removing it; as senior management he held a universal key that would remove even his own bondage, and due to his position and rank he was authorized to do so as he chose, circumventing the rules if he felt the situation warranted it. He looked at himself in the mirror and decided to let the expensive shirt and tie stay, if only to lend yet another layer to his own air of authority in contrast to the appearance of his pets.


As he untied his shoes, Laguna glanced at his kitten. The tiger was patiently waiting for his master to finish undressing, clearly nervous about what his immediate future would hold. The big cat’s cock was spasming uncontrollably, desperately seeking room to expand. Lucky was sitting quietly, the objectified otter staring at Zippo’s reflection in the mirror with lust and hunger. Laguna felt a smile creep across his face and he decided in that moment exactly how he would punish his naughty pet tiger.


Once the badger slipped out of his trousers and revealed his impressive, throbbing manhood, he turned his attention to Zippo. He retrieved a key from his coat and unlocked the lock dangling at the tiger’s neck, then unzipped the latex suit’s zipper, carefully helping the tiger step out of the milky-white garment. Laguna gingerly hung the suit, heavy with the tiger’s hours-old piss, on an attachment point on the wall. The tiger watched his master nervously, naked but for his ever-present chastity cage and collar.


“Choose, kitten,” Laguna ordered, gesturing to the shelf that contained the stacks of various medical diapers and inserts. The tiger looked at him surprised, but approached the shelf as he was told. 


Zippo considered the variety of options before him and even began to reach for an extremely thin diaper such as one would find at any supermarket, but he hesitated. The cat clearly changed his mind and instead selected one of the thickest diapers on the wall. After another moment’s thought, he hesitantly picked up a large diaper insert, then a second.


Zippo presented the options to the badger head bowing. “Is this acceptable, Master?” the tiger asked bashfully.


Laguna smiled and said nothing; he enjoyed seeing how his pet’s brow furrowed as the tiger frantically wondered whether he’d pleased or angered his master, letting the tension of possible further punishment hang in the air. “Lay down,” he instructed. Zippo laid down on the floor parallel to the mirrored window. The tiger knew that his master would want anyone watching to have the best possible view of… whatever was about to transpire.


Laguna knelt on the floor next to Zippo, slipping the thick, crinkly all-white incontinence garment under the tiger’s taut ass and then adding the pair of diaper stuffers. He carefully slipped the tiger’s tail into the diaper’s tail-hole and landed the single tape to secure it there. The white tiger’s balls were huge and tight; Zippo hadn’t been allowed an orgasm in nearly a month, and it showed. Laguna lowered the tiger’s legs to the floor and walked to one of the nearby shelves, searching for something, the badger’s cock fully extended from his sheath and bobbing with each motion. Humiliating his pets excited Laguna, but the fact that his pets craved his attention so much that he had absolute, unquestioned control over them excited him more. A small pearl of precum began forming at the tip of his rigid cock as he collected the items he wanted.


Laguna returned to Zippo’s side and showed the tiger what he was holding; a bottle of lube in one paw and a long, thin plug in the other. The plug was attached to a length of black rubber tube that ended in a rubber bulb, waiting to be inflated. Zippo moaned and squirmed a little, his tailhole puckering involuntarily. Lucky silently watched and, licking a fingertip, began teasing his own hole with one hand while rubbing his nipple with the other.


Laguna squirted a bit of lube into his palm, then slicked up the plug. He reached down and rubbed the excess lube off against Zippo’s hole, provoking a moan from the submissive tiger. Laguna smoothly and quickly inserted the uninflated plug, causing the tiger to begin leaking a strand of clear precum. “I think my kitten is enjoying this,” he said. “For now,” he added, smiling.


Laguna gave the rubber bulb several squeezes, causing the plug to expand in the tiger’s cavity. Each squeeze brought another ragged moan from the feline, until at last Laguna was satisfied that his kitten’s hole was nicely stuffed. Laguna pressed down on Zippo’s chastity cage and drew the front of the diaper up over it before tightly attaching the tapes. The bulb from the cat’s inflatable plug hung out the top of the diaper’s waistband, within easy reach should Laguna decide to really stretch his pet.


The badger stood up, ordering Zippo to stand as well. “Straitjacket, now,” Laguna said loudly, ensuring that the audience would hear him. He chose a heavy canvas straitjacket with double crotch straps and began sealing Zippo inside. Zippo watched his master work, wide-eyed and desperate, an occasional moan escaping his lips as the badger began tightening straps all over the place. Click! Click! Click! Each snapping lock meant that the tiger was secured ever more inescapably. Once the big cat was fully restrained, Laguna attached a very short chain to his pet’s collar and connected the other end to the attachment wall right next to where the white tiger’s latex piss suit was hanging, its tube still filled with amber urine.


“No sense in wasting all that piss my kitten managed to save up this morning,” Laguna said loudly, addressing both his pets and the audience outside. The sexy badger reached up and grabbed the tube from the piss-suit’s crotch, pulling it out and extending it down. He inserted the end into the front of Zippo’s bulging diaper and the tiger gasped, realizing suddenly what his master was planning.


Laguna smiled and released the valve at the end of the tube, and Zippo’s cold piss began draining into his waiting diaper, splashing all over his locked manhood as it poured through the tubing. More and more it drained, and Zippo’s diaper began to swell as it soaked up his own pungent urine. The tiger moaned as the cool liquid splashed over him, clearly enjoying the sensation. His eyes drifted closed as he wriggled within the straitjacket.


The badger smiled and reached down, gently rubbing the tiger’s pent-up balls through the soggy padding, forcing another lusty moan from the desperate feline. Suddenly, Laguna squeezed tightly, crushing his pet’s tight sack in his grip through the diaper, sending sharp waves of pain from Zippo’s scrotum straight into the pit of his stomach. The tiger yelped, eyes flying open.


“This isn’t a reward, remember,” Laguna hissed. He reached down and gave his own throbbing erection a slow tug as Zippo writhed and bucked, trying to break his master’s painful grasp.


“Kitten is sorry Master!” the tiger cried out pleadingly. “He will be good, kitten promises!” The tiger was shaking desperately.


Laguna released his grip, smiling wickedly. “I know you will, kitten,” he said soothingly. “That’s why I teach you these lessons, isn’t it? To help you be good?”


“Yes, Master,” the tiger said, gazing at the badger with a combination of pain, lust and adoration painted across his face, breath coming in short panting gasps.


The hyper-dominant badger looked over at the latex piss-suit. “About halfway there,” he said. He ruffled Zippo’s headfur lovingly. “Though if we want that diaper truly good and soaked for our lovely audience, I don’t know that it’ll be enough,” Laguna said. “Do you want your Master to help you out?” He smiled at the white tiger, still gently tugging his impressive erection.


“Yes Master,” the tiger whimpered, his face scarlet with both shame and lust, “please…”


“‘Please’ what, kitten?” Laguna asked teasingly. “What do you want?”


“Please h-help k-kitten fill his diaper, Master,” Zippo breathed through clenched teeth.


Laguna smiled and turned Zippo around to face the wall, then slipped the thick head of his cock into the rear waistband of the tiger’s sodden diaper. After a moment’s effort, a hot stream began splashing into the diaper and rolling down Zippo’s cheeks. Now that his diaper was being filled from both the front and back, Zippo began pressing against the padded wall of the chamber, either consciously or unconsciously trying to stimulate himself through the thick wet layers of padding and through his unyielding chastity cage.


Laguna finished relieving himself just about the same time as the suit finished draining, and Zippo’s diaper was soaked to nearly bursting. A thin stream of piss trickled down the tiger’s leg, yellow against his white fur as his diaper ran out of capacity to absorb more. Laguna carefully removed the head of his firm, throbbing cock from Zippo’s diaper, then turned the tiger around to face him once again. “There, nice and full,” Laguna said as he extracted the piss tube.


“Y-yes Master,” the tiger panted. Laguna glanced over to Lucky and smiled. The otter was kneeling on his knees and had inserted a finger into his own ass, wiggling it as he watched Laguna play with Zippo.


“Looks like Lucky is in the mood to be mounted,” Laguna said with a smile. The otter nodded furiously. The badger turned back to Zippo. “Here’s how you can earn your release, kitten,” he said, turning to a small metal cabinet. He reached into a drawer and pulled out a thick purple dildo with a few leather straps dangling from it. Zippo watched his master, confused. 


Laguna began attaching the strapon to the front of Zippo’s sodden diaper. “You get to pretend to be the top today, kitten,” Laguna said with an ironic smile. He looped a pair of wires from the end of the dildo up across the diaper and down into the waistband, then attached clips at the end of the wires to the ring of Zippo’s chastity. Once that task was complete, Laguna detached Zippo from the wall and led him toward Lucky, bringing the tiger to his knees next to the visibly excited otter.


“Kitten doesn’t understand, Master?” Zippo asked, bemused, as the badger began lubricating the rubber phallus sticking out from the diaper he was wearing.


Laguna smiled a somewhat evil smile. “You’re going to fuck Lucky today, kitten, and look how happy he is about it!” The otter grinned at Zippo and turned around, facing away from his master and the other pet and eagerly exposing his hole. Though the otter’s primary kink was to live life as a feral pet and avoid as much anthro behavior as possible (including speech, clothing, or answering to his actual, given name), Lucky couldn’t resist flashing Zippo a grin and a thumbs up.


“B-but how does this mean kitten can earn forgiveness, Master?” the tiger whimpered.


“Well, you see, if you are able to make both yourself and Lucky cum inside your cages, then he’ll get lobster for dinner tonight and you’ll get to change out of that sopping wet diaper and into regular clothes, for the whole rest of the day. If neither of you is able to cum, then he gets puppy chow for dinner and you stay in that diaper and get sealed back into your piss-suit, and we try it all again tomorrow. If only one of you successfully cums, the one who doesn’t cum will be the only one rewarded. Make sense, pet?” Laguna chuckled. He began guiding the slick rubber dildo towart Lucky’s hole, and the excited otter yipped happily.


“But how can kitten get off by fucking him with a fake penis, Master?” Zippo asked, still confused. The master was no stranger to setting up difficult challenges, but this one seemed absolutely impossible to the bewildered tiger.


Laguna smiled and guided the rubber cock into Lucky. The needy otter backed into it eagerly, and as soon as the fake rubber balls touched the otter’s fur, Zippo jerked and moaned while Lucky writhed in pleasure. “That’s how, kitten,” Laguna said, pleased. “Each time you hilt yourself in Lucky, both his prostate and your cage get a nice little zap, but only briefly. You’ll have to do it again and again to get enough stimulation built up for both of you to cum. But the faster you go, the higher the current goes. So it might get a bit overwhelming if you rush yourself.”


The white tiger gave an experimental buck and thrust, and just as his master had said, he was rewarded with a sharp tingle of electricity that existed somewhere in the space between pleasurable and painful, lasting for only a moment before it stopped. Lucky gasped too as his insides were tingled, but only for a moment. 


Zippo suddenly realized the challenge: if he didn’t go fast enough, all his efforts would only result in frustration for both himself and the otter; but if he went too fast, the electrical zaps to his throbbing half-erect member would become too painful to cum through.


The dawning realization on Zippo’s face of the trap he found himself in sent ripples of sadistic pleasure through Laguna’s body. “I shouldn’t make this too easy for you though, kitten, otherwise you’ll never learn your lesson,” he said, rising for a moment. He returned with a ring-gag, inserting its ring into the tiger’s maw before tightly strapping and locking it around Zippo’s head.


“Hnnnnnngghhh,” Zippo moaned.


“Better,” Laguna said approvingly. “Now you’d best get to work, you’ve only got twenty minutes,” the badger added, glancing at the digital clock on the wall.


“Hhhhhh!!” Zippo groaned. The tiger began bucking and thrusting, first quickly and then slower as he tried to find the right rhythm that would bring him to orgasm, gasping with pleasure or pain as each thrust rewarded or punished him. The gag caused the white tiger to begin drooling on himself, but he was so focused on earning release that he barely noticed.


“I’m glad my pets are having fun,” Laguna cooed. “But I do think their Master should be enjoying himself too.” Laguna stood over Lucky, straddling him so that the badger could guide his throbbing member through the ring and into Zippo’s defenseless mouth.


“Mmmmmmmmph!” the big cat groaned as his master wove his fingers through the tiger’s headfur, guiding his head. Poor Zippo was nearly frantic from overstimulation and desperate need. Both his holes were being filled, whether he liked it or not. His own cock was throbbing painfully in its semi-erect state as every thrust zapped his tender, exposed skin. His balls were being slightly crushed as the drenched, swollen diaper pressed against them. His arms were bound around himself in a tight self-hug by the straitjacket. Master’s cock was gliding into his throat and across his tongue, the taste driving him wild with lust. His nose was filled with a heady mix of Laguna’s musk and the strong scent of piss. The master and the otter pet were both grunting and sighing as Zippo worked his muscles. All five of Zippo’s senses were being stimulated simultaneously by the impossibly humiliating, impossibly hot scene.


On and on it went, and each time Zippo began to feel an orgasm building, something else would distract him. He’d start going too fast and zap himself too much, or Lucky would shift and it would be harder to hit the sweet spot, or the master would yank his headfur too hard as the badger forced him to take his cock. Floating so close to orgasm was maddening and Zippo began to sob around his master’s immense cock.


“Uh, uh, uh,” Laguna grunted, “Better… hurry kitten… three minutes… left,” the badger said between thrusts. Zippo felt Laguna reach down and do something to the front of his diaper, but the tiger’s senses were lost to him and it barely registered.


Faster, slower, too fast, not fast enough, deeper, harder, too fast! The delicious, impossible torture finally proved too much, and Zippo began howling around Laguna’s cock as he tipped over the cliff and into the abyss of orgasm. He sprayed hot tiger cum into his diaper in wave after wave. Suddenly he could feel Laguna’s cock swell as the badger unloaded his own hot seed into Zippo’s muzzle. The white tiger cried out in ecstasy as he began gulping down his master’s load. 


At last, breathless, Laguna stood back. “Heh,” he chuckled, “not bad at all, kitten. Fifteen seconds under the buzzer.” The badger stood on shaky legs and walked over to the mirror. He pressed a button and the glass went translucent, revealing a semicircle of some fifteen or twenty furs, most with their own cocks in their paws, though at least two seemed to be in the mood to help each other. Several among the impromptu circlejerk threw their thumbs into the air, grinning at Laguna.


“And look at that, kitten, all those guys watching you take your punishment like a champ,” Laguna cooed as he removed Zippo’s gag. Lucky was laying on the floor panting, eyes closed.


Laguna frowned. “Oh, but you didn’t manage to help Lucky get off, poor pet. You know what that means, kitten. Lucky gets to have lobster for dinner as his consolation prize, and I’m afraid that means you’re just going to have to go back into your piss-suit wearing that poor, devastated diaper.”


Zippo nearly cried. He’d tried so hard! He hung his head, crestfallen, as Laguna helped him up and made him step into the leg of the latex piss-suit.


“Shhhhh. There, there kitten,” Laguna said, smiling. “You tried really hard. And there’s always tomorrow, you’ll get three more hours to show me you can drink your own piss. I’m sure you’ll be extra motivated to perform, isn’t that right?” The badger comforted the defeated white tiger, ruffling his headfur, then sealed the tiger into the latex suit. The pressure of the latex caused the drenched diaper to further leak, dribbling down into the legs of the suit.


“Yes, Master,” Zippo said, brightening a little. “Kitten will try extra hard tomorrow.” He smiled as Laguna bound his wrists together and attached them to a hook on the wall above his head, ensuring that the smiling white tiger would remain still while Laguna readied his other pet to leave.


Laguna turned to Lucky and gave the contented otter a few scritches on his stomach. The badger knelt and leaned forward, drawing close to Lucky’s head. “I bet he would have succeeded too,” Laguna cooed, whispering to his mute pet quietly, “if I hadn’t pressed the button on the strapon harness to turn your end of the dildo off at the three minute mark. But we’d best not disappoint Zippo, he tries so very hard. I won’t tell him if you don’t,” Laguna said, grinning evilly.


Lucky had gleefully and willingly chosen to live his life as a feral pet as soon as he came to live at StartAgain, and he hadn’t spoken a single word in almost two years and hadn’t been allowed a single orgasm since the day Master riveted his cage closed, the very day he adopted the otter. He certainly wasn’t going to tell Zippo the truth. The otter, who had been called David in a previous life, smiled knowingly as his handsome master rose and clipped Lucky’s leash to Zippo’s, preparing to lead them home.

Laguna and His Pets

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