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Jackson Young squinted and rubbed the spot between his eyes, sighing a stressed, ragged sigh. He opened up the email program on his laptop and began typing a message to his boss.


From: Jackson <

To: The Master <>


Subject: Cyber attack has been dealt with




I managed to circumvent the DDoS attack we were experiencing earlier today. Our network should be back up to full capacity now, though if anyone reports any lingering issues please let me know and I’ll take care of it. I’m going to comb through the logs tomorrow morning, when I can look at them with fresh eyes. I’m too beat this afternoon to get anything useful. If it’s alright, I think I’m going to clock off and leave Jerome to handle things from here.




The husky yawned and stretched. He’d spent the last several hours fighting a hacker who had been trying to brute force their way into StartAgain’s network. A breach was not an option; in addition to being a community of kink-minded furs, StartAgain Manor was also filled to the brim with priceless artwork collected over the course of more than a century. And then there were the corporate bank accounts to consider. In addition to cybersecurity, Jackson was also in charge of StartAgain’s physical security personnel and was responsible for keeping the mansion’s residents safe from harm and outside intrusion. All in all, StartAgain would have been a juicy target for any thief or hacker, and Jackson’s role in the manor was therefore very stressful.


His laptop made a pleasant pinging sound, indicating he’d received an email. The husky was surprised that the Master had responded so quickly. He read the message.


From: The Master <>

To: Jackson <

RE: Cyber attack has been dealt with




Nicely done! We appreciate all of your hard work, and I know this month has been particularly stressful. Report to the rec wing weight room for a reward. Immediately.


The Master


Jackson’s eyebrow arched as he read the Master’s reply. The mysterious owner of the mansion seldom got directly involved in the lives of the mansion’s residents, but he occasionally rewarded his hardest-working employees for their dedication. Jackson immediately shut down his laptop, locked it and pocketed the key, and then exited his office to make his way for the recreation wing as ordered. Reward or not, the Master expected to be obeyed immediately, as the husky well knew. As he quickly walked through the mansion’s grand lobby, he wondered what his reward could possibly be. Maybe the Master would allow him out of his chastity cage at last? The poor pent-up husky had been locked for over three weeks with no opportunity for relief.


Jackson scurried quickly to the rec wing and entered the giant room housing the mansion’s indoor pool, basketball court and running track. As he entered, an otter friend of his named Jacob gave him a cordial nod and a knowing smile before diving into the pool with barely a splash. A pair of labradors were making out at the far end of the pool and a lithe, naked leopard was running along the track, but otherwise the rec wing was empty. Unsurprising for this time of day since most of the mansion’s other residents were probably still at work.


Jackson quickly crossed to the weight room at the far end of the pool and entered, eager to find out what his reward was going to be. The weight room was well equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment on the left side of the room, but the right side served as the locker room and showers for the rec wing; modesty wasn’t an issue at StartAgain, so there was no dividing partition separating the two areas.


Jackson was surprised to see the mansion’s resident personal trainer, a burly and muscular boar named Rex, waiting for him.


“That was fast,” Rex said with a grin, his giant tusks gleaming under the fluorescent lights. “The Master sends his regards, but he’s dealing with an issue right now and he asked if I’d see to your reward,” the boar added.


“Uh, okay,” Jackson said, uncertain. He only knew Rex in passing, but the strapping boar seemed nice enough. “Am I allowed to know what this reward is?”


The boar chuckled. “You will, after you strip.” He gestured for Jackson to disrobe.


“R-right now?” Jackson stammered, squirming. His cheeks grew warm.


“Right now,” Rex answered, still grinning. “Get to it, clothes off, quick as you can. Your reward does have a time limit, you should know.”


Jacks began undressing, face burning scarlet. He carefully unbuttoned his dress shirt and neatly folded it, placing it on a nearby bench. He untied his shoes and placed them neatly next to his shirt. Gulping, he unbuckled his belt and slid his trousers off, revealing the swollen diaper he was wearing. He glanced at Rex nervously.


“Dude, it’s fine. Diaper furs are cool in my book,” Rex said helpfully. “Socks too, please, but you can leave your diaper on for this part.”


Jackson nodded and slid his black dress socks off. Now he was standing in front of the muscular alpha boar in just his swollen, chastity-tented diaper.


“Good puppy,” the boar rumbled. “Now follow me.” The boar walked over to a weightlifting machine and gestured for Jackson to lay down on the bench. The confused husky did as he was told.


Jackson was quite surprised when the boar began buckling his ankles to the bench, and he was even more surprised when the boar buckled his wrists to the machine’s handles in the same manner. His cage began to grow uncomfortably tight. He looked up at Rex, the man now towering over him.


“We’re going to play a game,” the trainer said. “Master gave me the keys to your chastity, and I’m going to let your little nub out of his cage for a bit,” the boar said as he pulled the front of Jackson’s diaper down, revealing the husky’s metal chastity tube. Rex leaned forward and revealed a small silver key dangling from a chain around his neck, which he used to unlock Jackson’s cage and free his member. The boar gave Jackson’s cock a few playful tugs and it immediately began to swell.


Rex reached down to his feet and picked up something black and rubbery from the floor. “You’re gonna be hooded for this game,” the boar said. He worked the slick hood down Jackson’s head carefully, and Jackson’s vision was immediately obscured. The husky was surprised to find that the hood contained an attached pecker gag, which Rex carefully worked into the canine’s maw. Jackson began squirming as he realized that he couldn’t breathe through the gag. “Hold still,” Rex said, and suddenly Jackson was surprised to feel something entering his nostrils. He inhaled and realized that the invaders were breathing tubes, and his panic began to subside.


“There, how we’re almost set up for our game. Just two more details to work out.” The boar chuckled, and in a moment Jackson could feel a strange sensation on his cock. It was being slid into a slick tube of some kind. “And then the last part. In case you were wondering, the tubes you’re breathing through are connected to a hose. And I’m about to stick the other end of the hose in this here laundry hamper under a great honkin’ big pile of sweaty socks and jocks. Have a good whiff, puppy.”


Jackson sniffed and was shocked when his nose was assaulted by a pungent, musky odor. His cock was absolutely throbbing at this point, and the poor husky was desperately in need of some sort of release.


As if reading Jackson’s mind, Rex said, “Now comes the part where you earn a chance to get off, yeah? I’ve set the machine pretty low since you’re kinda scrawny. Push the handles and give those weights a good lift.”


Bemused, Jackson did as he was told. The boar had been truthful, the weight wasn’t too bad and he was able to lift in a smooth motion. However, as soon as he completed the motion, he gasped as the thing encasing his cock began to suck it with the most incredible sensations. He let the weights down carefully and the machine gave him another suck, then stopped.


“See dude? Every time you do a rep, you get a treat. Master said you’ve been staring at a computer all day and he figured this would be a great way to work off some stress,” Rex laughed. 


“What’s going on over here then?” came an unexpected voice from the far end of the room. Jackson grunted into his gag. That was his otter friend Jacob’s voice!


“Master’s giving Jackson here a reward for his hard work,” Rex laughed. 


“Well that’s hot,” Jacob said, his voice closer. “Mind if I watch?” Jackson whimpered into the gag in embarrassment.


“Have a seat,” Rex said cordially. “We were just about to get started, now that Jackson here’s all hooked up. He’s got fifteen minutes to work out and hopefully get himself off before I gotta put him back in his cage and send him on his way. Starting… now.”


Just fifteen minutes? Not fair! Jackson thought. He began pumping weights, and the machine began sucking him off. The feeling was incredible, especially with how sensitive Jackson’s cock was after weeks of being locked up. His breath sped up, causing him to huff more of the sweaty funk, sending his labido into overdrive.


“Mmm, maybe I can help him reach his goal then,” Jacob said. “Always got time to lend a buddy a hand.” Suddenly, Jackson could feel his nipples being played with teasingly. “How’s that, buddy? Is that helping?”


“Hnggggghhh,” Jackson moaned through his gag.


“Oh, this looks like fun,” came an unfamiliar voice. “Been a while since I’ve seen anyone hooked up to that machine. Mind if I play too?” the strange man purred. The jaguar from the track? Jackson wondered, with no way to be certain.


“More the merrier,” Rex laughed.


“How about this then?” the voice asked, and suddenly Jackson could feel someone rubbing his full balls through his swollen diaper.


“Hngggghhhhh!!” Jackson squeaked. The weights felt like they were growing heavier, but the feeling was so good that he only picked up the pace. Lift, suck, sweaty huff, lift, suck, sweaty huff.


“Ten minutes,” Rex called. “Keep lifting, Jackson. You can do it, puppy!”


“Harry, looks like we got out of the pool just in time, would you look at that?” Another unfamiliar voice. Jackson’s cheeks burned, knowing that so many people were watching him struggle to get himself off.


“Let’s help him out!” came a higher-pitched voice. “Why don’t you two suck on his nips and I’ll finger his hole? I’m sure I can slip a finger in the leg opening of his diaper. Here, Mike, suck my finger real quick.”


Jackson could feel Jacob shift above him, then he felt the otter’s rough tongue grazing across his left nipple. Then another tongue found its way to his right nipple. He felt someone shift him on the bench, then he felt a finger pressing against his tail hole teasingly before working itself inside.


So… much… stimulation… Jackson thought as he kept lifting, the machine and the gathering of men standing over him bringing him ever closer to orgasm. Lift, suck, sweaty huff. Squirm, tease, hump, moan.


“You got it buddy,” Jacob said.


“Keep going, dude!” said the voice presumably belonging to the jaguar.


“Five minutes!” called Rex.


Jackson lifted as fast as he could, teetering tantalizingly close to the edge, but his arms were beginning to give out. Pleasegodpleasegodpleasegod, he thought, barely coherent as he desperately kept pushing himself. The musky scent filling his nose, the stimulation all over his body, the unbelievable sucking of the machine, it was something akin to sensory overload.


“Three minutes!” the boar called. The men helping Jackson kept cheering him on and teasing his body everywhere they could, rooting for the husky. His arms felt like fire and his pace was slowing, but he was so close….


“One minute left!” Rex warned. Jackson wanted to cry, desperate need and stimulation turning his brain into horny mush. SO CLOSE OH GOD PLEASE LET ME HAVE THIS…


Then, unexpectedly, the finger in his bottom found his prostate, and that little extra spark of pleasure was enough to send Jackson into a volcanic eruption of an orgasm… but his arms had reached their limit and he couldn’t keep going. Without the suction of the machine, his orgasm leaked out without that final, crucial stimulation. Frustrated beyond measure, the bound husky bucked and heaved against the tube fruitlessly as his orgasm was ruined.


“Awwww,” Rex said. “I thought you’d hit paydirt for a second there, puppy.”


Jackson panted, defeated. Just a couple more reps and he would’ve had the orgasm of his life, but instead his arms hurt and he was still as horny as ever.


“Maybe next time,” Jacob said comfortingly. Jackson felt a hand pat his tummy gently, but then he felt Rex removing his now flaccid cock from the machine’s suction tube and he felt the boar stuff his cock back into its chastity cage.


“Next time for sure, puppy,” Rex said consolingly. “I’ll even help you build up your upper body strength so you’re better prepared to try it again in two weeks.”

Two weeks, Jackson though, exhausted but encouraged. I get to try again in two weeks. The husky couldn’t help but wag a little as Rex and the other gathered men began unbinding him.

Jackson's Reward

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