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Gishy sighed and squirmed. The fluffy red fox was uncomfortable in every way imaginable. He was hot, for one thing, sealed head to toe in a thick, skin tight black latex suit with only two grommet holes in the muzzle for him to breathe through. His long, waist-length blonde headfur had been tied into a ponytail and was hanging out the back of the hood through a hole in the latex, the only part of the fox not entirely obscured by the bodysuit. His vision was doubly obscured, by both the latex hood of the suit and by the blindfold he wore beneath it. His jaw was sore; he had been silenced by a thick penis-shaped gag strapped and padlocked tightly around his head. His tailhole ached, stuffed as it was by a thick, long rubber plug. His muscles were sore; the poor fox had been bound spread-eagle and hadn’t been able to move his limbs in quite a while. The fox’s fur was uncomfortably damp around his groin, the thick and sodden disposable diaper he had been placed in many hours ago was soaked to the point of overflowing. His head was swimming; headphones had been placed on his head outside the hood, and a man’s voice was quietly speaking into his ears in a sensual drone, repeating hypnotic phrases like ‘good little fox kits wear their pampers with pride’ and ‘baby boys like you aren’t allowed to play with their little nubs or make stickies like big boys’ and ‘the only thing baby foxes like you should do is soak your diapers’. Worst of all, his own body was betraying him; his cock was desperately trying to get hard within the metal cage that had been locked around it, an erection frustratingly close yet always out of reach.


Gishy had only been working for StartAgain for a few months now but he was beginning to find a rhythm to his role in the mansion. On his first day, the warthog in charge of managing his new employee orientation had asked him about his kinks, and what was normally a single paragraph in an employee’s file ended up taking up three typed pages. At the end of what had turned into an hour-long kink reveal discussion, the warthog had laughed and assigned Gishy a role within the mansion’s “entertainment department”.


The small red fox hadn’t been sure what to expect when he arrived at the entertainment department on his first day, but he quickly realized that his new job had nothing to do with acting in a play or singing on stage. At StartAgain, entertainment employees were hired out to help residents fulfill some of their more exotic fantasies and extreme kinks, though entertainers were permitted to decline any requests they weren’t comfortable with. Gishy rapidly impressed his manager by never once turning down a request, no matter how bizarre or unusual. In just the short few months that he’d been working at StartAgain, the fox had gleefully learned about more different and unusual kinks than he’d ever heard of in his life outside the mansion.


However, this assignment was unique in ways that Gishy hadn’t experienced from his previous jobs with the entertainment department. For one, the requestor was anonymous. Gishy had no idea who he was working for; he’d been led blindfolded into an empty room for his client to pick up first thing this morning, and even though he’d spent untold hours in the mystery man’s service, he still hadn’t even caught the slightest glimpse of the client. And the man’s voice was strange too; when he gave Gishy an order, the fox heard a gravelly, deep voice and a strange, hard-to-define accent that sounded suspiciously like an affectation.


For another thing, something was unusual about this job that Gishy couldn’t quite put a finger on, despite having had at least the last several hours to think about it. For some reason, this mysterious client knew all of Gishy’s favorite kinks and secrets. Somehow this man knew that nothing turned the little fox on more than being tightly bound, plugged, gagged and diapered. The fact that the man had ordered Gishy to call him Daddy sent the poor frustrated fox into quite a state, too.


Gishy had been lying bound as he was and for a long time and hadn’t heard from the mystery client for that entire duration. Once the red fox had complied with all of Daddy’s initial orders and then had been thoroughly diapered, bound and gagged, Daddy had gone silent. Though it was impossible to say for certain how long Gishy had been secured in this way, it certainly felt like hours to the desperate fox. Eventually he stopped struggling, hot and tired, and decided to relax and wait for something to happen.


He must’ve dozed off, because for a moment he was confused. “Mmmmmmmp,” the fox moaned into the thick gag as he stirred.


“Oh, is the baby awake from his little nap?” came Daddy’s raspy voice. “You were sleeping so peacefully I didn’t want to disturb you. But now that you’re awake, we can have more fun. Doesn’t that sound nice?” Gishy felt the man release the binds that held his limbs spread-eagle.


“Mmmmmph!” Gishy moaned. He felt Daddy lift his torso until he was sitting upright. Gishy leaned against Daddy for a moment, struggling to reorient himself. Daddy wrapped his arms around the small red fox and hugged him close for a moment, pressing Gishy’s muzzle to his chest and letting Gishy breathe his scent.


“There now, baby. That’s it, wakey wakey. Oh goodness, but someone is a soggy cub. That diaper has swollen to twice the size it started out,” Daddy said with a chuckle. “Let’s get baby changed into a nice new, extra thick diapee, shall we?” With that, Gishy could feel Daddy’s paws squeeze his soaked diaper through the latex suit. It felt wonderful on his poor full sack, and Gishy moaned into the gag again. Daddy chuckled at this reaction, and then Gishy felt the man begin to unlock the suit.


Once all the locks sealing the fox in the suit were freed, Gishy felt the man slowly lower the zipper at the suit’s back. Cool air caressed the fox’s warm fur as his skin was exposed. Daddy lifted the hood from Gishy’s head but left the blindfold in place and, after helping the fox carefully stand, he pulled the suit the rest of the way down and instructed Gishy to step out of it.


“My, my, but you are such a soggy little baby,” Daddy said with another laugh. “No wonder your tiny little nub belongs in a cage and sealed inside thick crinkly padding, the baby can’t hold his bladder like a big boy. Here cub, let’s lay you down again so Daddy can get you all changed.”


Gishy felt his cheeks grow hot with embarrassment. This total stranger was teasing him for wetting his diaper like a baby, sending the fox’s little locked nub twitching frantically. 


Daddy had already changed his diaper twice before, once when the fox had initially arrived and then a second time right before he’d been sealed into the latex suit. Both times, Daddy had teased Gishy about the size of his boy bits and about how badly he clearly needed his diapers, driving the fox wild with embarrassment and lust. As Daddy untaped and removed Gishy’s second soaked diaper of the day with skill and efficiency, the fox moaned into his gag. He was bewildered that this stranger could possibly know exactly how to press his buttons so completely.


Gishy felt the man grab his paws and begin wrapping them with something soft and squishy. It took the fox a moment to fully understand what was happening. As the humiliating realization dawned on the fox, Daddy laughed. “That’s right baby. We’re just going to use your soggy diapers as mittens for your little paws so you don’t get into any mischief. Naughty little fingers have such a tendency to wander where they shouldn’t. This way, you can’t do anything with your little paws and you’re reminded what a soggy little diaperbaby you are. Isn’t that wonderful?” Daddy cooed as Gishy was overwhelmed by utter humiliation and rising lust. It was like Daddy could see into the deepest recesses of Gishy’s mind and was plucking his fantasies straight out of his head.


Once Gishy’s paws were secured within their pissy, squishy plastic bondage, Daddy cuffed the fox’s wrists together in front of him with leather cuffs. The cuffs sealed the diapers to Gishy’s paws perfectly, and the embarrassed fox tried and failed to unball his fists as Daddy unfolded another diaper. Daddy effortlessly lifted Gishy’s bottom and slid the crinkly garment underneath the fox, slipping his tail through the tail-hole. Daddy began wiping Gishy’s damp groin with cool baby wipes, paying special attention to the fox’s full, desperate sack, forcing more gag-muffled moans from the vulpine. Once Daddy had finished cleaning Gishy, the fox felt the telltale cool sprinkle of baby powder over his most delicate parts. He sniffed the sweet scent, moaning again.


However, what happened next entirely surprised the confused, horny fox. Daddy lifted him again and layered yet another diaper under the first. Then he added a third, and then a fourth. “Mmmmmmmph?” Gishy moaned questioningly as Daddy added a fifth diaper to the thick stack.


“What’s that, baby?” Daddy asked playfully as he began sealing Gishy into the thickest diaper he’d ever worn. “Oh, well, you’re just such a soggy little cub that Daddy wants to make sure you have lots and lots of comfy diapees to hold all your weewees. Of course, padding this thick means you won’t be able to walk, or even get your legs together for that matter, but babies don’t walk anyway. Good little diaperbabies like you crawl for their daddies.”


Daddy carefully helped Gishy stand once again, and the fox was mortified to realize that the man was right; try though he might, he couldn’t bring his legs together. Simply standing up forced him into a bow-legged squat. There’d be no chance that he could walk at all. 


To demonstrate his power over the overgrown cub, Daddy held Gishy’s diaper-wrapped paw and suddenly pulled him forward. Gishy instinctively tried to catch his balance by taking a step, but what resulted was a humiliating, toddler-like waddle for a few steps before Gishy went crashing to the floor. The crazy thick diaper absorbed the impact with a loud crinkle as Gishy landed.


“Oh, that’s perfect for such a little cub like you, Gishy,” Daddy said approvingly. “But I do think we need one more thing, just to stop leaks. You’re such a little piss-baby, after all,” Daddy laughed. He forced the embarrassed fox into a pair of enormous plastic pants that, despite their size, were difficult to get over the fox’s even more enormously diapered bottom. Gishy felt the waistband cinch tight and then heard a click, and he realized that he was now locked into this comical diaper until Daddy decided to free him. “Mmmmmmmmmph,” he moaned. He could feel his locked up nub dripping precum into his thirsty, waiting diaper. How could Daddy possibly know his desires so well?


“There we go, what a precious toddler you are,” Daddy cooed. “Just a tiny baby kit with his little boy parts completely and impossibly out of reach, so squirmy and frustrated with zero chance of release, no choice but to drool on himself because of his gag and fill his little diapers like a good baby.” Daddy patted the front of Gishy’s diaper, though the behemoth thing was so thick that Gishy couldn’t feel it at all and could only tell from the soft crinkling.


“Mmmmmmmph,” Gishy moaned, pleading. This was the horniest the poor fox had ever been in his life, and he was absolutely desperate to be allowed some sort of stimulation.


Daddy kissed the top of Gishy’s head. “What’s that? Is baby hungry? Well, you’ve been such a good little kit, I think you deserve a little post-nap snack.” Gishy felt Daddy guide him to and carefully place him on the bed again, then he heard the telltale jingle of keys. Daddy unlocked the thick gag and slowly removed it, giving the fox a moment to work his sore jaw.


“I don’t und--” Gishy began, but Daddy pressed a finger to the boy’s muzzle.


“Hush now, Daddy didn’t tell baby Gishy he could speak,” Daddy said, his voice stern. “Daddy only took out Gishy’s big thick pacifier so the little cub could have a snack.” Daddy grabbed Gishy’s shoulders and slowly lowered the bound fox into his lap. Gishy could feel Daddy press his erection against the fox’s lips. Understanding what Daddy wanted, Gishy slowly took the girthy tool into his muzzle, his body desperate for any sexual contact. Gishy hungrily slurped at Daddy’s manhood, but the fox found himself blushing. He had never sucked a cock with such need before, and he didn’t even know who Daddy was or what he looked like.


Gishy considered his situation as he desperately offered his mouth to Daddy. He was blindfolded, wrapped in layer upon layer of thick diapers and locked into them with a pair of locking plastic pants. His bottom was stuffed, causing the needy fox to bounce in his diapers. His small cock was tightly confined within its metal prison, hopelessly trying to grow. His paws had been tightly wrapped in his own piss-soaked diapers, rendering them useless, even more so for the cuffs that bound his wrists together. And he was blowing a complete stranger, so desperate for sexual release that he was willing to freely give his muzzle to Daddy if only Daddy would take pity on him and allow him the opportunity to cum.


As Gishy worked Daddy’s enormous cock, the man sighed and bucked. “What a good baby you are, Gishy,” Daddy moaned. “Baby must really want all the milk in daddy’s bottle, he’s sucking so well. Just a pathetic little diaperbaby, so squirmy and so desperate. That’s right baby, take Daddy’s big bottle.”


Daddy’s dirty talk was driving Gishy wild, and the boy bobbed and slurped on Daddy’s cock with increasing need and fervor. Gishy lost all cognizant thought as he gave Daddy the best head he could, his hips rocking as he futilely humped and rubbed his little cage against the inside of his enormous diaper, his plug teasing his hole with each thrust, his arousal building and building, just Daddy’s good little diaperslut doing the only thing babies like him are good for.


Suddenly, Gishy felt Daddy’s cock swell inside his muzzle and he knew that the man was about to blow his load. Gishy moaned and gagged as he felt the first wave of salty spray hit the back of his throat. Faster and faster it came, as Gishy futilely tried to swallow it all. Cum began rolling down his chin as Daddy unloaded his hot semen in Gishy’s muzzle. It was all just too much, and Gishy gasped as his own dribbling orgasm released, his semi-erect, trapped cock oozing fox spunk into his diaper. Gishy cried out and desperately bucked, but the orgasm was ruined as the metal cage he was wearing prevented the poor, desperate red fox from finding relief.


Daddy laid back on the bed, panting, and pulled Gishy close. “What a good baby,” Daddy said. “Didn’t he do a wonderful job, everyone?”


Gishy was astonished and mortified to hear the sound of applause. They weren’t alone in the room? The fox’s blood ran cold as he realized that others had been watching his torment and debasement all along, but in spite of (or perhaps because of) the boy’s utter humiliation, his cock was already beginning to stir within its cage once again.


Daddy laughed. “I think maybe we should take that blindfold off now, kit,” he said. Gishy felt like he was going to die of shame, but he was powerless as Daddy lifted him up in bed and removed his blindfold.


The fox was dazzled for a few moments, and he had to blink several times to clear his vision. As the room began to fade into view, Gishy urgently turned around to see who Daddy was.


“Happy anniversary, Gishy,” his supervisor, an incredibly handsome older buck named Matthew, said with a knowing smile. The deer was naked and panting happily.


Daddy was actually his boss? The head of the entertainment division?? That explained the strange raspiness; Matthew had been careful to change his voice so that the fox wouldn’t recognize him. Gishy looked around the room with wide eyes, and he saw that everyone from the entertainment division was standing in a semicircle around the bed that he and Daddy--or rather, Matthew--occupied. Several of his coworkers were sporting erections of their own, and all of them were grinning at the fox and clapping. Gishy looked to Matthew, confused and embarrassed.


“You’ve been with us three months to the day today,” Matthew smiled as he brushed back Gishy’s headfur and wiped the boy’s chin. “We all talked it out and decided to do something special for you, because of how much we’ve all enjoyed working for you. So I pulled your file and looked up your kinks, and we decided to try to make as many of them come true as possible today. We all decided to give you the five-star treatment you always give our clients, just to show you how much we love working with you, little guy.”


Gishy felt tears welling in his eyes as he looked around the room at his joyful coworkers. Outside of StartAgain, he’d always felt like an outsider because of all his unique, sometimes unusual list of fetishes. But this place had truly welcomed him and become his home. These guys had taken him in and treated him like family, and the fox felt a rush of joy and love that nearly burst out of his chest.


Matthew kissed Gishy’s forehead. “Alright little guy, let’s get you cleaned up so we can all go have cake and punch. But don’t think for a minute that we’re letting you out of those diapers yet, you’re going to stay dressed exactly as you are until the party’s over.” Many of Gishy’s coworkers laughed, and the fox could feel himself glowing with embarrassment. “Happy anniversary, Gishy,” Matthew said happily again, helping the overjoyed fox to his feet.

Gishy's Big Day

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