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It was a lazy Saturday afternoon in the one remaining used bookstore in Jeff’s small town. Jeff had been slowly digging through the near-endless piles of books in his favorite area of the store, Speculative Fiction. Reading had always been his preferred pastime, and he could never quite get the same enjoyment out of e-books. His digital reader had sat on his desk next to his computer monitor, collecting dust and forever trapped on its critical battery warning screen.

The annoying thing about used bookstores was that you seldom found the books in a series sequentially; here was Champion: Book 4 of the Spinner’s Tales by Marcus Dunleavy. It seemed interesting based on the back-of-the-book summary, but he hadn’t read books 1-3 and they didn’t seem to be on offer. Jeff ruefully placed the book back where he’d found it and continued scanning the shelves.

He was so lost in his single-minded pursuit of something new to read that failed to notice he was no longer alone in the aisle. “Excuse me,” said a deep voice, startling Jeff slightly. The man gave Jeff a quick half-smile and reached for a book where Jeff had been kneeling.

“Been looking for this one for a while, the library said it was out of print and they couldn’t order it,” the man said. “I’ve been dying to finish the series.” The speaker was about Jeff’s age, maybe a little older, late 30s at the most. He was slightly heavy-set but not fat, and he wore gold-rimmed glasses. He was wearing a pair of jeans and, surprisingly, a sweater. It wasn’t summer yet, but the warm weather started early in Florida. Even though the calendar claimed it was still February, temperatures had been reaching the high 70s almost every day in the last week. A sweater seemed out of place, but Jeff had to admit that the stranger wore it pretty well.

Jeff nodded to the man in shared frustration. “I hate when I get neck deep into a new series and can’t finish it,” he said, brow furrowed. “I’ve got at least three series I’m looking for books in. Ever read the Kingmakers of Saldron series? That’s my white whale, the first two were excellent but I haven’t been able to find the final one anywhere.”

The other man chuckled and shrugged a little. “I had to resort to eBay to find the last book, Where Wind Falls Silent. It’s worth tracking down though, the book really ties the rest of the series together. I take it you’re more into fantasy than sci-fi?”

Jeff smiled and shifted his weight. “Definitely. I mean, I’ll read softer sci-fi if I'm in the right mood, and of course I can appreciate stuff like Asimov for its literary significance, but fantasy is my first love. I cut my teeth on Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey when I was a kid. Name’s Jeff, by the way.” He stuck out his hand, which the stranger shook congenially.

“Jeff, good to meet you. I’m Chris. Nice to meet another fantasy nerd who still appreciates the wonders of a book made out of trees.” Chris smiled a particular smile. Are we flirting? Jeff wondered to himself. Hard to tell, I’m out of practice.

As it had turned out, Chris had indeed been flirting. A fifteen minute conversation in the shelves turned into coffee, which led to a dinner date at a nice restaurant. Dinner led to a second date, and then to a movie night at Chris’s place. The sex had been good, but the intimacy had been better. Jeff had gone through a difficult breakup and had been single for two years by that point, so it was really nice opening up to someone again.

At thirty-four years old, Jeff Singleton was doing well in life by most standards. He had a decent job at a bank where he was well-liked and respected, he rented a fairly roomy two-bedroom apartment in the nicer part of town, and he had a small but close circle of friends. He wasn’t the cute little twink he’d been in his early 20s anymore, with a bit of pudge forming at the belly and a little gray beginning to show up amongst the sandy blonde hair at his temples, but he wasn’t unattractive. In general, life was pretty good, if a little lonely.

That’s why Chris Parker was such a welcome addition to his life. Chris was thirty-eight, with dark wavy hair that showed no signs of graying or thinning, to Jeff's great jealousy. He worked as (of all things) a tech blogger for a photography enthusiast website, writing camera reviews and discussing the merits of mirrored vs. mirrorless cameras. He was stocky but well-proportioned, and he took care of his hygiene and appearance. The thing that Jeff found most appealing about Chris were his very, startlingly green eyes. Jeff found himself staring into those eyes all the time; he found them mesmerizing. Chris wasn’t Hollywood handsome, but he was definitely "real-world handsome", and as they got to know each other Jeff found him to be very charming, intelligent and confident.

It was only a few months after meeting that the two began seriously dating. Jeff found himself becoming comfortable with the idea of opening up to another human again, and he had to admit to himself that he was truly falling in love with Chris. And it seemed as though Chris really and truly reciprocated Jeff’s feelings.

It was especially welcome when Jeff discovered that Chris shared his enjoyment of the kinkier side of sex. They’d had the awkward “what are you into, I dunno, what are you into” conversation pretty early on, and though their specific kinks weren’t perfectly aligned, they did have some overlap. Chris was turned on by voyeurism and enjoyed the lighter side of BDSM. Jeff liked bondage too, although he wasn’t as experienced as he pretended to be. Jeff also enjoyed the idea of things like chastity and light humiliation and really wanted to try them. The sex went from good to amazing as the pair began exploring each others’ interests through tie-up games and occasional roleplaying.

A little over six months into their relationship, they decided to move Chris into Jeff’s apartment. Chris had been overpaying on the lease for his cramped one-bedroom on the outskirts of town anyway, and Jeff’s apartment was much more conveniently located and had far more living space. Since the two had become functionally inseparable outside of work hours, it seemed like a logical progression for their relationship.

One day, a few weeks after moving in together, Jeff went to check the mail and found a fairly large cardboard-boxed package addressed to Chris. What Jeff found notable was the name of the sender, LLC. Jeff smirked and wondered what new toy Chris had ordered, but he was hesitant to open mail addressed to his boyfriend, so he placed the package on the breakfast bar and resolved himself to ask Chris about it when he got back from the city.

Chris had made the hour-and-a-half drive to the big city fairly early that morning, specifically to go to a specialty photography store called Digital Vista run by a colleague of his. Jeff had politely (but a little desperately) begged off joining him. Hours and hours of camera talk was a sure recipe for boredom, as Jeff had discovered many times before on previous trips to Digital Vistas. Besides, Jeff was neck-deep in R.M. Masterson’s Shadows Unseen: Book Three of the Assassins of Avar, and Saturdays were really the only day of the week he could count on any reading time.

He woke to a kiss. He must’ve fallen asleep while reading. Jeff kept his eyes closed, kissing Chris sleepily for a moment. When he opened his eyes again, he realized by how dark the apartment was that it was late afternoon.

“Watch your eyes baby,” Chris said, “I’m turning on the light. I’d ask how your sleepy Saturday was, but from the look of things you slept through most of it.” Chris laughed.

Jeff squinted a little until his eyes adjusted. “I’m sorry, last thing I remember I was curled up with my book. I guess this week at work took a lot out of me, I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I was hoping to have something pulled out for dinner before you got back. What time is it?”

Chris looked at his phone. “Almost seven. It’s okay, I know you’ve been really worn out lately, you just needed a good nap.” He sat down on the couch next to Jeff and turned on the lamp on his end table, then wrapped his arm around Jeff and allowed himself to sink into the couch. “Jesus,” Chris said with a sigh, “I love photography and technology, you know I do. But Miguel could literally talk me into revising my opinion. I love that man like a brother, but I've never met anyone who likes the sound of his own voice as much as Miguel does.”

Jeff giggled a little. “Why do you think I didn’t want to go with you? I mean, Miguel is really nice and his wife is just super sweet, but I can’t listen to that for hours and hours like you do, especially when I don’t understand half the techie words he uses.” He kissed Chris on the cheek and then snuggled into his shoulder. “Pizza for dinner okay? I’m still kicking myself I didn’t take anything out of the freezer to thaw, I wanted to cook tonight.”

“Pizza’s fine, baby. Do you mind ordering it though? I want to take a shower. It was so hot today, I think I’ve lost three pounds of weight in just sweat. I’m surprised you can even stand to lay on me like that.” Chris laughed, causing Jeff’s head to bounce against his chest.

“You’re right,” Jeff said in an exaggerated voice. “You smell like death. Seriously, you’re like a human bioweapon. But I love you so much I’m willing to suffer. Oh! You got a package today. It’s on the bar. What did you order from Breathless Passion? Is it for me?” He lifted his head and flashed his most mischievous grin at his boyfriend.

Chris cleared his throat. “Actually,” he said, “it is for you. I thought we’d try something a little kinky. Well, kinky even for us. But you can’t open it until after we eat. Needless to say, I’ve got plans for you tonight. Now, I’m going to go shower and probably burn these clothes. You go online and order us a pizza, just go with whoever is running the best deal on delivery.”

The pizza was so-so, but as they ate and got caught up on their favorite superhero TV show Jeff barely noticed. He was too excited to see what Chris had ordered. Chris knew it too; he kept grinning and raising his eyebrow at Jeff, or randomly reaching over to grope at the front of Jeff’s basketball shorts. After what seemed like an impossibly long time, dinner was finally over. Jeff was positively bouncing in his seat, and Chris finally decided to stop torturing him and let him have his package. Or packages rather, because Chris had left the room to wash his hands after eating and returned with a second, much smaller box that he’d intercepted in the mail two days before.

“Before you open these,” Chris said, his tone somewhat more serious, “I just want to say that this is a kink we haven’t tried before. I know you’re interested in one of these things, but the other is kind of out there even for us. But I thought we could try it, just to see. I had to do a little research online but I think I got the right size. Okay love, open the little one first.”

Jeff eagerly opened the small box. Inside was a velvet drawstring bag containing something heavy, made of metal if the clinking sound was anything to go by. When he opened the bag, his eyes grew wide and a huge grin spread across his face while his shorts began visibly tenting. “Oh Chris, you know I’ve wanted to try chastity forever. Damn, this looks so fucking hot. I can’t wait to try it on!”

Chris laughed and pointed at Jeff’s full-mast erection. “I think you’re going to have to do something about that guy first. Otherwise I'm not sure he'll fit. Okay, now open the big package, and keep your mind open about it, alright?”

Bemused, Jeff cut the packing tape on the larger box and opened it. “Oh god, packing peanuts,” he said laughing. “You ordered them, you get to deal with them. Wait. Chris, what is this?” Jeff removed a plastic package about the size of an overnight bag from the box. The packaging was adorned with small cartoon animals, and the logo on the package said “Little Tots Size Medium Diapers” in bright balloon letters. He brushed off the few peanuts that clung to the package, staring at the bag with confusion.

“They’re adult baby diapers,” Chris said as he took his seat on the couch next to Jeff. “Have you ever heard of ageplay, or adult babies?” He watched Jeff’s face carefully, looking for any sign of how Jeff was reacting to this new development. They'd done some fun bondage play and their collection of toys was always growing, but this was beyond anything they'd done before. Chris had been intrigued by the idea when he'd stumbled into it online, but he wasn't sure if Jeff would be as interested.

“I think so,” Jeff said, his voice belying his uncertainty. “That’s the ones who get off on sleeping in giant cribs and stuff, right? No kink shaming, just saying.” He didn’t seem to be reacting terribly, at least.

Chris nodded. “Sort of, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Some people like to play pretend-to-be-a-baby and it isn’t even sexual, some people just get off on the idea of wearing diapers. For some people, it’s an RP scene like, like... Naughty Nurse or whatever. For some, it’s a medical fetish prop. And for others, it’s more about cuckolding and humiliation. There's probably even watersports people who like diapers because they're convenient. I know it seems a little weird, but I know you’ve wanted to try some humiliation play and I thought this might be a cuter, gentler way to dip our toes into it.”

“Hey, I’m willing to try anything once, you know that. Are you sure these are going to be big enough though? Diapers are so little.” Jeff tore open the end of the package and pulled one of the thick plastic-lined diapers out, unfolding it. “Okay, I think this will fit. Damn, these really are pretty cute. I had no idea they made adult diapers like this, I just thought it was like… Grandma’s Depends or nothing.”

Chris laughed. “Oh honey, you have no fucking idea. There were so many different brands I didn’t know what to go with, so I had to ask on an Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers forum. It’s a pretty popular fetish. Seems like there’s a dozen different makers who do these printed ones, and for some reason outer space and astronauts seem to be a very popular theme for them. I decided to go with these Little Tots though. They aren’t as fancy as some of the high-end brands, but they were pretty cheap in case we decide it’s not for us. That’s also why I only bought a ten-pack. They had two different designs, but the other design was pink with hearts. This one is blue with teddy bears and I thought they'd look more appropriate on you than the girly ones.”

Jeff grinned up at Chris. “Hey, I think they’re pretty cute. I don’t know if this is going to turn into a huge kink for me, but I’m willing to try putting on a pair of diapers and find out! Just don’t laugh at me too much… Unless Mr. Pokey down there seems like he's enjoying it, then laugh at me all you want.”

Chris grinned back. “I don’t think it’s called a pair of diapers, baby, I think it’s just one, singular. Diaper. Don’t ask me why a single underwear is called a pair but a single diaper isn’t, I didn’t make the grammar rules.”

“Okay, fine,” Jeff said, sticking his tongue out at Chris. He was obviously amused. “Fine. I will wear a singular grammatically correct and unpaired diaper for you. I just hope you know how to put these things on, I’ve never changed a diaper in my life.” Jeff chuckled. “Oh, one more thing,” he said in a saccharine voice, “do you want me to call you daddy? God, I need a lollipop to complete the look. Mmmmm, daddy.” He licked his lips suggestively, then burst into giggles. It was so infectious that Chris began chuckling too, and soon both of them were dissolving into full fits of laughter.

“Do I get to try both of my new toys tonight?” Jeff asked with a smile. He was staring almost hungrily at the velvet bag containing his new chastity device.

Chris thought for a moment. “Let’s just do one or the other, I think. You haven’t worn a chastity cage before, and when we try that one I want to be able to keep an eye on your bits and make sure nothing is turning blue or anything like that. I have no experience with them either, and I don’t want you to go too wild with it until we know it isn’t going to hurt you in any way.”

“You’re probably right,” Jeff admitted, with the smallest hint of disappointment in his voice.

Chris nodded. “So here’s what we’ll do. You get to pick which of the new things you want to try tonight, and then we’ll do the other tomorrow, does that sound good? We’ve got the rest of the night to play, and we don’t have plans for tomorrow either so there’s no rush.”

“You’re right, I’m just excited,” Jeff said. “You know I like doing new things with you so much. Matt was never willing to experiment with kink back when we were together.”

“So, which is it going to be? Which of your new fun toys do you want to play with tonight, baby?” Chris was certain Jeff was going to choose the chastity device, and he was already plotting some fun things to do with (and to) Jeff once his bits were securely locked away.

Jeff thought carefully, visibly considering his options. He looked at the black velvet bag, then he looked at the brightly colored package of diapers, then back to the chastity bag. Finally, he came to a decision. “Let’s try the diaper tonight, and then I can look forward to trying chastity tomorrow.”

Chris was more than a little surprised, and he arched an incredulous eyebrow at his boyfriend. “Are you sure, baby? I know how much you’ve wanted to get a chastity cage, you’ve talked about it almost as long as I’ve known you.”

Jeff smiled a little bashfully. “I know, but I’m willing to wait one more day. I really want to try the diaper out and see what it feels like. I’m curious and intrigued, plus... well, it feels a little naughty, you know?”

Chris smiled at his boyfriend, then took Jeff’s hand and led him to their bedroom, bringing with them the one unfolded diaper Jeff had removed from the package. They both stripped down to their boxer briefs, and then Chris had Jeff sit on the edge of the bed. “Do you remember which safe word we used last time I tied you up?”

“Anchovies, wasn’t it? I know it was a food I don’t like,” Jeff replied. “Wait, no, it was marmalade. Probably. Err, maybe not. I don’t remember.”

Chris suppressed a laugh. Jeff was a notoriously picky eater, so it could have been any number of foods. “Okay, the safe word is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, but you have to spell it letter-by-letter to count.”

“Entirely reasonable, my good sir,” Jeff smirked. “Seriously though, let’s just use aquarium. I can remember that. Remember, I told you about the time that my brother and I knocked over dad’s aquarium when I was ten? That was a spanking I’ll never forget, so that’s a word I won’t forget either.”

“Aquarium it is then. Now, I’m not really sure how to do this, but I know you’ll need to take your boxers off and lay back. I don’t have any baby powder or anything like that either. I didn’t exactly plan this out well, I’m afraid. But we’ll make do and see how we go. Go ahead and finish stripping, baby.”

Chris unfurled the diaper and laid it out on the bed next to Jeff, while Jeff shimmied out of his boxers. Chris couldn’t help but notice how hard his boyfriend’s penis was, and the sight caused his own cock to start stirring in his boxers. “Mr. Pokey seems to be very interested in what’s going on,” Chris commented, pointing.

“Mmm,” Jeff grunted quietly. His cheeks were beginning to blush. The embarrassment of what was happening was starting to set in, and it was causing his skin to prickle with anticipation. He laid back on the bed and let his legs dangle off the side, closing his eyes for a moment. He felt exposed laying here naked in front of his boyfriend like this, and the feeling was some heady mix of bashfulness and excitement.

“Okay baby, let’s get you all wrapped up in your nice, soft baby diaper with all the little blue teddy bears,” Chris said in a low voice. “In just a minute, you aren’t going to be a sexy, grown-up thirty-four year old man anymore. You’re going to be wearing a diaper just like a little kid. I might even restrict you from the bathroom for the rest of the night, no sense wasting a perfectly good diaper.” Chris fought the urge to smirk when he saw Jeff's Mr. Pokey throb at that last sentence. “And just think how handy these will be when we play our tie-up games. I can keep you all tied up for as long as I want if I don’t have to let you up to go to the potty.” Again, another agreeable throb from Mr. Pokey.

The blood was rushing full force to Jeff’s cheeks now, and between his epic blush and his epic erection it was a wonder he wasn’t light-headed. He started to reach for his impossibly hard cock, but Chris gently brushed his hand away.

“Uh uh, baby. Little baby boys like you don’t get to play with their little peepees like that, that’s for grown-ups only. Now, lift up your butt so I can put your diaper under you. Your diaper. Think about that, it’s not just a diaper anymore, it belongs to my little baby boyfriend. This is your diaper.” Chris was getting turned on, talking to Jeff like this. These days his dick wasn’t always willing to wake up and get cooperative when it came to sexy time, at least not like it used to. Perils of middle age, Chris thought wistfully. But his dick seemed to be enjoying this quite a lot.

“Yes Chris,” Jeff mumbled. He braced his heels on the edge of the bed and hoisted himself up, still with his eyes closed. With his ass elevated like this, his cock was pointing up almost comically. Chris watched it throb in time with Jeff’s heartbeat for a moment, then carefully slid the diaper under him. It took a few up-and-down attempts to get the back of the diaper’s waistband lined up with the small of Jeff’s back, but eventually Chris was satisfied.

“Now, like I said I don’t have any baby powder to sprinkle on your little man right now, but we might have to pick some up tomorrow. We want baby smelling sweet as candy, right? I might even make you stay in your new baby diapers all weekend long if you misbehave. Now, let’s see how the front works.” Chris pulled the front of the diaper up between his boyfriend’s legs, admiring for a moment the impressive size of Jeff’s ball sack. He had to suppress the urge to give Jeff a blowjob then and there, but he was enjoying this and wanted to keep going.

Jeff was moaning almost inaudibly with his eyes still closed. Chris couldn’t help wondering what Jeff was thinking about or picturing right now. Wish I could read his mind, Chris thought. He pulled the front of the diaper snug and then set to work figuring out the tapes.

“Tell me if this is too tight, okay baby?” Chris peeled the top left tape from its spot and attached it to the front of the diaper and then did the same for the bottom left tape, attempting to pull them as snug as he could. He then repeated his actions on the right side. Mr. Pokey was not making this process any easier, and Chris had to work hard to keep the front of the diaper from tenting. He saw that the left side was still too loose, so he carefully peeled the top left tape away from the diaper’s smooth plastic surface and stuck it again, tighter this time. He made a few final adjustments, then looked critically at his work.

He thought back to last year and watching his sister diaper her newborn, and in a moment of inspiration he stuck his index fingers into the leg holes and ran them up and down the inside of the diaper, so that the leg gathers were laying smooth against Jeff’s skin. When he was finally done, he took a step back to admire his efforts.

His boyfriend Jeff was laying exposed in front of him, visibly erect even through the thick material of the diaper. And Chris had to admit, Jeff looked sexy as fuck like this. There was something deliciously wrong about seeing his adult boyfriend laying on the bed in front of him, naked except for a very babyish diaper. Chris rubbed his hand against the front of the diaper, pressing into Jeff’s erection. It elicited a very impassioned moan from Jeff.

“There we are baby, all done. Your transformation is complete. No more adult Jeff, only little baby Jeffie. How does that feel?”

Jeff was glowing a bright crimson, but he was grinning from ear to ear. “Really good,” he whispered. “It’s really soft.”

Chris had to swallow down the lust he was feeling for his man. No, not my man, he thought, my baby. My sexy little diaper boy. God, this was turning him on so much, far more than he would’ve expected. He’d mostly come up with this idea as a way to play into Jeff’s fantasies of humiliation, but this was doing something powerful to Chris nonetheless. He could even feel his breath growing shorter. “Do you want to see what you look like in your crinkly little diaper, baby boy?”

“Mmmm, yeah. But I’m kind of scared to,” Jeff admitted. “I’m afraid I’ll look stupid.” His brow creased.

Chris shook his head. “You don’t look stupid, baby. I promise. You look so sexy and so small, my sexy little Jeffie. I want to fuck you silly right now. I want to rip your diaper off and make you scream my name. But I’m not going to, because I want you to stay in that diaper and experience it. I want you to get a sense of what it's like to be back in your first diaper since you were potty trained. Just lay there for a minute though, I think I want to add something.”

Chris began rummaging through the drawers of their shared dresser, while Jeff lay on the bed and began cautiously exploring the diaper with his fingers. “It feels thicker than I was expecting,” he said. “It’s a little hot, too, but still comfortable. I just can’t get over how soft it is, and how smooth the plastic feels. I mean, I give it a surprised ten out of ten on comfort.”

Chris found what he was after. “Here, sit up baby. Hold your arms up in the air. I’m going to put a shirt and socks on you so you don’t get cold, since we’ve got the air running.” Jeff complied, keeping his eyes tightly closed.

“Oh, it makes a crinkle sound when I move,” he said in an amused voice. He dutifully raised his arms over his head, and Chris worked them through the arm openings of a tee shirt.

Chris then worked a pair of Jeff’s white ankle socks onto his feet. “All dressed, baby boy,” he said. “Are you ready to see?”

“I think so,” Jeff replied with a weak smile. “I’m really nervous though. You promise I don’t look stupid?”

“Baby, I think you look as sexy and as cute as I’ve ever seen you in my life. If you don’t believe me, open your eyes and see how hard I am. I’m even leaking precum on my shorts, and I haven’t leaked since I was a teenager.”

“Okay,” Jeff said, “if you promise. I love you, Chris.” He slowly opened his eyes, blinking. He smiled at Chris and took his hand, and together they walked from the bedroom to the bathroom so that Jeff could see himself in the mirror. With each step, the plastic of Jeff's diaper crinkled loudly, as if someone were following him around crunching a plastic grocery bag behind him. Chris couldn't help but find the fact simultaneously amusing and strangely sexy.

They stood together in front of the bathroom mirror with the light still turned off. The faint beam of indirect light from the bedroom wasn’t enough to really illuminate anything, so all Jeff could see in the mirror was the dark outline of his reflection against an even darker background.

“Okay baby, I’m going to flip the light on,” Chris said. “I love you so much, and I'm so proud of you for being such a brave little boy. Let's see how you look in your soft, crinkly diaper. On three. One… two… three!”

Jeff stared at his reflection and unconsciously gasped. He was wearing his white tee with the Mickey Mouse ears logo in a large, bright rainbow-colored pattern across the front, a souvenir of their trip to Disney World last month. The shirt was a little long, but he could see the teddy bear print of the diaper… no, his diaper, peeking below the shirt’s bottom. He lifted the shirt to get a better look. His rock-hard erection was clearly outlined by the thick absorbent padded material of the diaper, but Chris had done a pretty good job for his first time and the tapes were fairly even and snug. It was a striking sight.

The plastic outer layer of the diaper had a little bit of a reflective quality to it and, coupled with the baby blue teddy bears printed all over, it would be very obvious to any potential observer that he was wearing a plastic diaper and not printed fabric underwear. Because of the baby blue print and the teddy bears, it couldn’t even be mistaken for an “incontinence brief” like you'd see in a pharmacy. This was clearly a baby diaper, sized for bigger baby boys. Jeff’s reflection certainly looked juvenile and at first glance a little silly, but at the same time it was inexplicably sexy seeing himself dressed like a five-foot-ten toddler. The fact that his reflection was holding hands with his four inch taller boyfriend’s reflection further emphasized that he was just a little boy in a diaper now. His cheeks were burning.

“Oh my god,” Jeff said in a low voice that was not quite a whisper. “Wow. I kinda do look like a baby, huh?”

Chris grinned into the mirror. “Yup, my baby. My very sexy baby Jeffie, in his sexy little baby diaper. How does it feel?” Chris reached behind Jeff and began gently rubbing his bottom through the diaper. The smooth plastic was warm and supple and felt really nice against his hand.

“Honestly? Really good. Like, really good. Wow, my ass even looks good in these.” Jeff turned this way and that, looking at his reflection from different angles. "This is... hot. Is that weird?"

Chris turned from the mirror to face his boyfriend directly. “Nothing we do together is weird, as long as it’s fun. Are you having fun? Because, uhhh…” He gestured to his own erection. “When was the last time you saw me this hard? If you’re weird for enjoying being put in a diaper, I must be weird for enjoying putting you in one. You could use your safe word and we would stop, but you seem to be enjoying yourself. And I'm certainly enjoying seeing you like this. So, no harm right? We do what we like and it stays between just us.”

“Okay then. You’re right,” Jeff said, reaching over and grabbing Chris’s cock through his boxers. He began massaging it gently. “I do kind of like it. I like the idea of being a naughty diaperboy for my sweet, sexy Chris. I know you said you wanted me to stay in this for a while and that’s why we couldn’t fuck, but I bet there’s a lot of really fun things I can do to you while wearing my diaper. I want to find out. Let’s go back to the bedroom.”

Chris felt his passion rising in anticipation of the promised wonders he was about to experience. “Lead the way, diaperboy.”

* * * *

Jeff practically sprinted to the bedroom, dragging Chris with him. His excitement and arousal were clear, and Chris was incredibly turned on by Jeff’s enthusiasm for this new kink. I think he likes this, Chris thought in wonder, as Jeff leaped up onto the bed and bounced on all fours, wiggling his thickly diapered ass seductively.

“You like what you see?” Jeff asked breathily. He began rubbing his erection through his diaper, making delightful little crinkling sounds with each movement.

Chris nodded. “Always, baby. But damn, you look sexy right now.” Chris couldn't stop staring at Jeff's ass, and how the plastic of the diaper pulled tight across his cheeks. Between the diaper and Jeff's powerful hardon, he had an impressive bulge between his legs. There was something entirely sexual about seeing Jeff in a diaper that was pushing all of Chris's buttons. "So fucking sexy."

“I feel sexy,” was Jeff’s answer. “Come over here and lay with me.” He laid down on his side and patted the bed next to him, looking at Chris expectantly and with lust and love in his eyes.

Chris snuggled into bed next to his boyfriend and they snuggled together for several minutes, just holding each other. Chris was gently rubbing the front of Jeff’s very tented diaper. “I like how this feels,” he said after a time. “It’s so smooth, and I can feel you throbbing through it. Does this feel good, baby?”

“Mmmmm,” Jeff replied. “But I want you to feel good too.” Jeff repositioned himself at the bottom of the bed and carefully pulled down Chris’s boxer briefs to get at his erection. He slowly and gently wrapped his mouth around the head and began flicking his tongue against the sensitive spot that always made Chris go wild.

Chris let out a long, slow moan and arched his back at the intensity of Jeff’s touch. “That’s it baby, right there… Yeah, that feels so great. You’re so fucking hot. You’re my hot, sexy little diaperboy. That’s right, keep going. Mmm, suck me just like that, baby.”

Jeff kept nursing at Chris's cock for a little while, teasing it gently but hungrily. As he did, he carefully rolled Chris’s balls between his thumb and index finger with one hand, while he rubbed one of Chris’s nipples with the other. The feeling was impossible to describe, and Chris began moaning louder and more often as a feeling like an electrical current danced across his skin.

Jeff sat up and transitioned to working Chris’s shaft with his hand. Jeff was gently rocking back and forth with each stroke, slow-humping the inside of his diaper. “You love it, don’t you? Keeping your boyfriend in diapers? You think I’m so sexy, don’t you?” The sight of Jeff fucking his diaper like that was mesmerizing, and Chris found himself unable to look away from the rhythmic motion of his boyfriend slowly rocking and bouncing in his diaper.

“Yeah, baby, yeah,” Chris responded. He could feel his climax beginning to form. “You’re so fucking hot, little Jeffie. My totally fuckable little boyfriend in your cute baby blue diapers. I love the crinkling sound you’re making, it’s so fucking hot.”

Jeff grinned and began pumping faster. “Yeah, that’s right. I’m your own personal diaperboy, you can put me in my little pampers any time you like. I’m like a little doll, just a sexy little plaything for you, aren’t I?”

Jeff’s seductive dirty talk coupled with the way he was masterfully working Chris’s cock was about to push Chris over the edge. “That’s it baby, I’m gonna… I’m gonna cum… Keep going baby…” Chris was panting heavily as he stared at his boyfriend’s diaper. His muscles began tightening. This was going to be an epic orgasm for the ages.

Jeff could sense Chris’s impending climax, and he began pounding Chris’s cock with his hand as fast as he could, while he pinched and teased his nipple with the other. “That’s it, do it for me. I want you to cum for me. Cum for me Chris. Yeah, that’s it, cum for your baby, daddy. Oh… shit.”

Chris arched his back as far as he could and began erupting long streams of pearly semen, spraying them with a force he hadn’t seen since he was a teenager first discovering the wonders of his own body alone in his childhood bedroom. Waves of explosive pleasure shot through him, one after another. He squinted his eyes shut and cried out loudly, tightly gripping the blanket beneath him in both fists.

The sensation felt like it went on for hours, days. It was exquisite to the point of excruciating. At one point, a thin stream of cum landed on his cheek and across his nose. Each pulse of his climax caused him to let out a short cry. Nine… ten… eleven. Finally, the waves began slowing and the intensity began to ebb, until Chris was left gasping and spent.

Chris lay silent but for his rapid panting for a few minutes. Finally, he spoke, but when he did his voice cracked. “Wow,” was all he could manage to say. He felt Jeff take his hand and squeeze it reassuringly, lovingly. After another minute or so, Chris had recovered enough to crack a smile at his boyfriend. But when he finally opened his eyes again, the look on Jeff’s face gave him pause.

“What is it, baby? What’s wrong?” Chris asked, his voice hoarse and low.

Jeff’s brow was deeply furrowed and he was blushing a deep red. He looked visibly distraught. “I… uh…”

Chris sat up slowly, feeling a little light-headed. “What? Jeff, what’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?”

Jeff shook his head emphatically. “No, no. Nothing like that. I just… feel weird. Because of what I accidentally said in the moment. I kinda started to freak out. I was going to use my safe word, but then you were right on the edge and when you started cumming, I didn’t want to ruin it.”

Chris looked at his lover with confusion and worry. “What do you mean, baby? What did you say that caused you to start freaking out?”

Jeff looked down at his hands. “You know,” he said softly, “when I called you daddy. It was one thing when we were just joking around earlier, but just now it sort of popped out unexpectedly. It just kind of weirded me out all of the sudden, and then I realized how silly I am sitting here like this, and I…” His voice trailed off emptily.

Chris leaned forward and gently lifted Jeff’s head, forcing him to meet Chris’s gaze. “Aquarium. Now we’ve used the safe word. We stop and talk about it, alright? We don’t go any further until we both feel better, right?”

Jeff nodded lightly. He looked forlorn, and Chris felt terrible about it. “Tell me what you’re feeling,” Chris said, with as much love and support in his voice as he could muster.”

“I dunno,” Jeff said. “It’s hard to put into words. I was just… you know, talking dirty to try to push you closer. But then when I called you daddy, it just seemed really… It felt like we were doing something wrong. And then that knocked me out of my headspace, and I realized I’m sitting here wearing a giant baby diaper and looking like an idiot, and suddenly it wasn’t fun anymore. I’m so sorry, Chris.”

Chris shook his head and then pulled Jeff into his embrace. “Don’t feel bad, Jeff. I never, ever want to make you feel bad. This was just meant to be fun, just harmless fun. I know you’ve wanted to play with humiliation a little bit, and I thought this might be easier for me than, you know, degrading you. I’m very sorry, sweetheart. But for what it’s worth, I don’t think you look like an idiot at all.”

“Mmmph-mmblllm-mmmm?” came Jeff’s unintelligible reply.

Chris laughed lightly. “I can’t hear you when you’re talking into my armpit, baby,” he said lovingly. “Come up for air and repeat that for me.”

Jeff lifted his head, smiling bashfully. “Sorry. I said, ‘You really don’t think I look ridiculous?’ Even though I’m dressed like a toddler on Human Growth Hormone?”

Chris leaned forward and kissed Jeff on the lips, just a light peck. “I really don’t. I honestly, truly don’t. Cross my heart. I think you look terribly cute, and unbelievably sexy.”

“Even after you got off? You still think I look sexy like this?” Jeff asked, incredulous.

“Yes baby,” Chris said with a chuckle. “I have semen dripping down my cheek and nose, and you ask me if I think you look sexy. Next time I’ll have to try harder and see if I can hit the ceiling.”

Jeff grinned, looking visibly relieved. “You did kind of explode. It was so hot. I could tell you were really enjoying that orgasm.”

“No, Jeff,” Chris replied. “I was enjoying you. You’re what got me to get off like that. I haven’t cum that hard since I was a kid. I feel like my legs are wobbly!”

Jeff giggled and kissed Chris’s cum-coated cheek. “There, now we’re both dripping,” he said, licking his lips.

“Okay, so… feel better? No bad feelings?” Chris looked at Jeff expectantly.

“No bad feelings,” Jeff answered. “I’m sorry. I guess I’m going to have to figure out how much humiliation is too much for me.”

Chris bit his lip for a moment. “About that. Would it make you feel better if I put one of the diapers on too? Would it make you feel less weird about it? I kind of want to see what they feel like. You made it sound pretty heavenly, before.”

Jeff smiled. “They're kind of comfortable... like really, really comfortable, you know? But no, I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to put one on. I think it’s a better idea if I put one on you, like you did for me!”

Chris nodded enthusiastically. “Awesome! I didn’t want to ask you to do it for me if you still weren't feeling better about things, but I hoped you’d want to. I want to get the full experience. Do you think we can sleep in them tonight? Just kind of… crinkle around the apartment together until bedtime and then get snuggled in together?”

Jeff’s face lit up with joy. “Yeah! We can go cuddle up on the couch under a blanket in our diapers and watch a movie! We can make popcorn, too! That actually sounds like a lot of fun!”

Chris grinned, happy to see Jeff feeling better. “It’s a date then. A diapered date. Alright then cutie, go crinkle off to the living room and get another diaper out, but this one is for me... I love you so much, Jeff. With all my heart.”

* * * *

He’s right, Chris thought to himself with a smile, these diapers are surprisingly comfortable. Very soft and snug. A little unpleasantly warm, but otherwise not bad at all.

The pair were cuddled under a blanket on the couch, watching a TV show on Netflix. Chris was sitting with his back against the arm of the couch. Jeff was between his legs and resting his head on Chris’s chest, holding a big bowl that was mostly empty save for a few unpopped kernels of popcorn. Jeff was still dressed in the outfit Chris had put him in, and Chris was naked other than the diaper he was wearing.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to finish you tonight?” Chris asked, whispering into Jeff’s ear. “I feel bad that I got off and you didn’t.”

Jeff looked over his shoulder at his boyfriend. “I’m sure,” he said smiling. “You know I like being left horny and frustrated sometimes.”

“Alright, if you’re sure,” Chris replied.

The theme music of the TV show began playing, but immediately stopped. “Are you still watching?” Netflix asked impassively, waiting for a response before it could move on to the next episode.

“I think that’s our cue,” Chris said. “I’m fairly wiped out after getting up as early as I did this morning. Bedtime?”

“Sure,” Jeff said as he extracted himself from Chris and the blanket and stood up. He placed the empty bowl on the coffee table. “I’ll clean up in the morning. I know I had that nap earlier but I’m still pretty tired.” Jeff yawned and stretched, causing his t-shirt to pull up and reveal more of his diaper. Chris felt his dick twitch at the sight.

This is certainly having an effect on me, Chris thought. Seeing him like that, damn. I just want to bury my face in the front of his diaper. Instead, Chris stood up and yawned as well. Jeff went into the bathroom, and Chris heard the sink begin running and then a moment later he heard the scrubbing sound of Jeff brushing his teeth. Chris turned off the TV and lights, then went to the kitchen and filled a small glass with water. He took a sip and began walking toward the bedroom. He crinkled with every step, which Chris found terribly amusing.

He placed the glass of water on his bedside table and walked toward the bathroom. When he reached the doorway, he saw Jeff standing at the toilet, attempting to pull down the front of his diaper to extract his cock out of the top.

“Jeffie, what do you think you’re doing?” Chris said in a stern voice.

“Peeing?” Jeff answered, uncertain. He didn’t know why Chris was suddenly being serious.

“You have a diaper for that,” came Chris’s reply. He raised an eyebrow at his boyfriend.

“Chriiiiiiiiis…” Jeff whined. “I don’t want to pee on myself, that’s gross. And I really do have to go, I drank too much tea when we were watching TV.”

Chris suppressed a chuckle. “You won’t be peeing on yourself, silly. You’ll be peeing into your diaper. The toilet’s off limits tonight. Don’t worry, that’s what diapers are designed to do. Unless you want to use your safe word and take your diaper off….”

Jeff immediately began blushing. He stuffed his boy bits back into his diaper and pulled the front up. “I don’t know how to do this,” he admitted bashfully. “I’ve never peed myself before.”

Chris took his boyfriend by the shoulders and led him to the bedroom. He then stepped behind Jeff and held him close from behind, pressing his diaper into the back of Jeff’s diaper. Chris could feel his penis stirring again inside his diaper. “Just close your eyes and pretend that you’re standing at a urinal, and just… I dunno, just let go.”

Jeff sighed and closed his eyes. He stood still for a little while, then spoke. “Nothing’s happening, Chris. I can’t pee like this, my body doesn’t want to.”

“Keep trying,” Chris said. “Just relax. Imagine yourself standing in front of a urinal, you’re all alone in the bathroom and you really have to pee. Imagine how good it feels to finally let go after you’ve been holding it. Just let your body relax and do what it already knows how to do.”

Jeff sighed again and did a couple of shoulder-rolls to loosen himself up. He closed his eyes once more. Chris gently kissed the back of Jeff’s neck, holding him closer. Finally, after nearly a minute, Jeff let out the smallest little gasp.

“Oh my god, I’m peeing. Oh, it feels warm, almost hot. That’s so weird. But the diaper seems to be absorbing it all. It’s kind of nice feeling, actually. A little gross to think about, but not unpleasant.” Jeff sounded bemused.

Chris inspected Jeff’s diaper, and he was surprised by how little of the diaper seemed to have gotten wet. There was a visible slightly darker spot in the front that went down to where Jeff’s balls were nestled inside the diaper, but the wet patch didn’t seem to extend very far up the front of the diaper at all.

“How much did you pee?” Chris asked as he examined his boyfriend’s newly-wet diaper.

“So much!” Jeff said. “I can’t believe it held it all!” He sounded incredulous.

“The miracles of modern science,” Chris replied, grinning. “Turn around, I want to take a look at the back.”

Jeff turned to face away from Chris. He could feel Chris poking and prodding, inspecting his diaper. Then he felt Chris pull the back waistband away from his body, and suddenly he felt hot liquid spilling down over his buttocks.

“Chris! What are you doing?” Jeff asked, shocked.

“I needed to piss too, and you have all this absorbent padding in the back that wasn’t even wet yet, so I thought I would help you out,” Chris said in a low voice. Jeff could feel Chris’s warm breath against his neck as Chris relieved himself into Jeff’s diaper. Jeff shuffled in embarrassment but his cock began inflating again. This was so dirty and naughty, and Jeff was instantly turned on. Finally, Chris finished pissing and he pulled Jeff’s diaper back up.

“Much better,” Chris said, smiling.

Jeff turned around to say something, but he noticed that the tip of Chris’s erection was sticking up out of his diaper and he lost his thought. Chris never gets this hard, this soon after finishing. What has gotten into him? Whatever it was, Jeff wasn’t complaining. He was used to Chris taking control in the bedroom as Chris was usually the more dominant of the two, which suited Jeff and his submissive streak. Still, this new diaper game seemed to be pushing Chris to new levels of dominant.

“There now, you went potty in your diaper like a good little diaperboy, so now we can crawl into bed.” Chris’s eyes gleamed mischievously as he spoke.

Jeff could actually feel the last of Chris’s urine still being absorbed, wicking into the back of his diaper, and it was a strange and unfamiliar sensation. “What if I leak, though?” he asked.

“Then you wake me up and let me know, and I get you changed into a nice dry diaper. That’s how these things go,” Chris said as he got settled into bed. “Now come lay with me, little Jeffie.”

Jeff flipped the overhead light off and got into his side of the bed, scooting as close as possible to Chris. Chris began gently pressing at the front of Jeff’s diaper, squishing the wet padding around and pressing it against Jeff’s hardon.

“What does it feel like wet?” Chris asked quietly.

“It’s a different feeling than when it was dry. It’s… bulkier. And kind of squishy feeling. It’s… not bad. It feels really nice with you rubbing against it, honestly.” Jeff could feel his ear tips burning in the dark. “How come you wet mine and not yours?”

“Honestly?” Chris replied. “I kind of like the idea of you being in diapers more than me being in them, so I thought it would be more fun to wet yours. Don’t get me wrong, it’s comfy and all, but wearing one myself doesn’t really get me turned on. Seeing you wear one, though….”


“Yeah.” Chris turned Jeff’s head and pressed his lips against his boyfriend’s mouth hungrily. In a moment, Jeff was laying on top of Chris, grinding his diaper against Chris’s as they continued to kiss. Jeff’s tongue darted and flicked against his boyfriend’s tongue as he humped and thrusted back and forth.

The sensation of laying on top of Chris and grinding into his very soggy diaper was incredible, and in less than five minutes Jeff was crying out in ecstasy as he began to orgasm. Wave after wave of hot cum shot from his cock into the absorbent material of the diaper.

“Good boy,” Chris whispered, cooing as Jeff bucked against him. “Good boy, my good little diaperboy, squirting his little dribbles into his diaper where they belong. That’s so hot. Keep going, baby boy.”

When Jeff finally finished, he collapsed breathlessly next to Chris on the bed. He felt like he was floating and sinking at the same time, and it was an incredible sensation. Chris pulled the blankets up over Jeff and then wrapped his arm around him, pulling him close.

“So, what do you think?” Chris asked.

“About what?” Jeff replied.

“About your first day in diapers. Have we found a new kink to add to our menu?”

Jeff grew quiet for a moment. “Yeah, I think so,” he whispered. “I really like this, and I’m not even sure why exactly. But it feels really good, and it’s cute and a little embarrassing. Do you think maybe tomorrow we could go online and you could show me more about adult babies, and… like, what kind of diapers we could order and stuff?”

Chris smiled. “So you like diapers well enough that you want more than the eight we still have left? Well, I’m good with that, I love seeing you like this. I had no idea how much I would enjoy putting you back in diapers, little boy. Honestly, I was just trying to come up with a way to play with your humiliation fantasies that wouldn’t make me as uncomfortable as calling you a dirty pig slut or whatever. I love you too much to insult you, so I thought this would be a nice middle-of-the-road solution. But I’m so turned on by it. You look fantastic in a diaper, and it’s pushing buttons I didn’t even know I had.”

Chris could feel Jeff nodding. “I know what you mean. I’ve never even considered trying this fetish before, but, I dunno… It just feels really good to feel small and helpless. And I’m not kidding, I love how these diapers feel. I love the crinkle sound they make, and I love how I look like a little boy who needs a big strong sexy daddy to keep him in line. So yeah, I think I’d like to get some different kinds of diapers to try out. I mean, I don’t see me ever wearing them anywhere but here when we’re home alone together, but I do want to learn more about this kink.”

“Ok then,” Chris said. “Tomorrow, we’ll find you some more cute diapers to try out, and maybe even a cute outfit to wear over them. And don’t forget, tomorrow you also get to try out your new chastity cage too. It should be a big day for my little guy, huh?”

“Oh, I totally forgot about that!” Jeff said. “Wow, that’s how you know I’m really enjoying diapers, I completely forgot that I'm going to finally try chastity tomorrow! We better get some sleep, then. You don’t want to have to deal with baby Jeffie when he’s fussy!” Jeff laughed a sleepy little laugh.

“I love you, baby boy,” Chris whispered.

“I love you too,” Jeff whispered back.

In a few moments both were fast asleep, still locked in their embrace.

Experimenting With Diapers

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